Thursday, 7 April 2016

Nouveau Extend - eyelash extension review

Hey there!

As a proud brand ambassador part of my #Lashgang project I was invited to try out a Nouveau Extend treatment which is for eyelash extensions.

I LOVE wearing false eyelashes, and normally use the strip lashes, so I was really interested to try something which lasts longer.  The Nouveau Extend treatment is estimated to last 8 weeks so I can't wait to have a month of stunning lashes.

Yesterday I popped along to the Chelsea Day Spa to have my treatment done.  After a consultation with the Ultimate Lash Technician on the type of look I wanted (just a bit more than natural with a curve and more at the outer edges) it was time for the treatment.  You can't feel a thing, and the beautician applies each lash carefully one by one in what is an hour long treatment.  Lying with your eyes closed and with the gentle spa music in the background it almost sends you to sleep!

I have to say my before and after pictures are INCREDIBLE.  I think the pictures speak for themselves - longer lashes, more lashes and with an incredible curve.  I almost cried when I looked in the mirror to see those long sweeping princess lashes.  You also can't see there they've been applied as they magically look like part of your own lash.

The best part  is, despite them being long, thick and volumnous, it doesn't look like false eyelashes, they just look like you have naturally pretty insane lashes!  As you can tell I am over the moon with this treatment and would definitely go back there again.  I think this treatment is great for all year round as it mean you don't need o much makeup as you are already made up.  Personally I would love this look every day of the week January -December.  As it happens I'm off on holiday next week and love the idea of waking up with lashes like these every day.

Below are pictures before the Nouveau Extend treatment and immediately after.

The picture below was taken the day after and as you can see the lashes still look fabulous, long and natural

All I can say is that this was a 10/10 treatment and I am in love with the results.  I don't know why but having amazing long lashes is such a confidence boost and makes you feel great walking out the door.

Thank you to Nouveau Lashes for this incredible semi permanent eyelash extension - I am in love with the Nouveau Extend treatment! xx