Thursday, 31 July 2014

Nu Skin bloggers event

 Good Morning!

I went to a fabulous beauty bloggers event ran by Nu Skin last week in Soho, London.  They had branded taxis which picked us up personally which really gave an exclusive feel to the event and made a nice change to getting the tube!

Nu Skin is a skin care brand which specialises in anti-ageing, nutritionals and weight management. They've been taking the UK by storm this year and have celebrated with an exclusive bloggers event.

I was so interested in their product range I couldn't wait to hear more and was super excited by my exclusive gift bag.  They even had their team fly over from Copenhagen to run the event, including the product specialist Jennifer who went to great lengths to make sure we knew all about their products as well as their Force for Good Foundation.  I really felt like I got to know the company and their products before trying  them out.
The beautifully set up Nu Skin centre

Me chatting to one of the other bloggers, Zen.

Getting stuck in with the Galvanic Spa

It was a really interactive event, and they got all the bloggers to try out their home spa called the Galvanic Spa.  As you can see in the picture above I was really getting stuck into the whole thing.  I mean, if this really is the 'home' answer to getting a facial done then I was keen on trying it out for myself!

The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa (link) is a sleek little machine which is used with charged gels, a pre treatment and a treatment.  The whole treatment takes just 5 minutes which is a huge amount of time saved compared to booking and going out for a facial.

The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa

My skin felt so clean and pure after using it.  It reduced all my redness giving my face a more even skin tone.  Also, my pores looked much smaller which has always been a huge concern of mine!

Oh, and they also have a delicious botanical range called Epoch.  I was absolutely smitten with the Baobab Body butter (link).  It is so hydrating but doesn't leave any sticky feeling at all.  It's also much denser than other body butters, giving it a much more luxurious feel when applying.  The foot softening cream 'Sole Solution' is also absolutely fab after a long day in the office and refreshes those aching feet while making them much smoother.
The Nu Skin Epoch collection

I would definitely recommend these Nu Skin products and over all I had an absolutely fab time at their bloggers event, especially getting whisked off in one of their taxis at the end of the night too!

Have you guys tried Nu Skin products??

If you have then definitely let me know!


ps All products are available online from or from a registered distributor.


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