Sunday, 23 June 2019

Excited to try products from the UK Global Makeup Awards 2019

Global Makeup Awards - review by Fiocco Bianco
Hi Everyone, 

It's been a while since I've done a makeup post.  In fact the last one was on NARS cheek palette. There is absolutely nothing I love more than must-have makeup pieces.  In fact, the NARS cheek palette in my last post was from my sister on recommendation from a beauty specialist at SpaceNK and boy was she right with that palette.  It was just perfect.

It's hard to know what is great makeup to go for without spending an absolute arm and a leg - especially when you make mistakes.  I hate going for a foundation and then finding out I hate it.  Who wants a powder finish foundation?  Ummm... hello wrinkles!!?

So in the quest for finding out some cool must have beauty pieces I actually stumbled upon the UK Global Makeup Awards on twitter.  This is super exciting to me as it's nice to find out actually what is the best mascara compared to all of them and not having to try myself and get them wrong! 

I've been following the winners from the awards and the reason why I'm excited as I know about 25% off the brands and products and absolutely agree with them winning the awards.  That means the judges must know their salt... right? either that or we just have identical taste ha!  For example - one thing we have in common is a love for foreo.  I didn't realise other people had even heard of this brand - and here it is, my absolutely favourite Foreo UFO mini wining an award in the - so exciting!

Global Makeup Awards - review by Fiocco Bianco - FOREO
Love FOREO! Anyone else tried out this gem - I thought I was the only one - but it turns out the Global Makeup Awards love it too :)

There are some brands which everyone has heard of in the awards like Shiseido and Dr Lipp.   Anyone else was addicted to Dr Lipp when they were 18?  I'm excited to see they're still out there and they're now brought out some funky natural toned shades to the range.  Very tempted to try them out!

Speaking of which -  I was really interested to see who the lip winners were.  I am always struggling to find a good lipstick or lipgloss brand.  Im really specific with colours - I only wear nude or fuschia.  Hilarious as they are very hard colours to pull off and I'm not even doing it to be showy - i just do not suit a red or a dark lip.  It makes my lips look small and my teeth not white. Ergh.  So I was really interested to see winners included (apart from Dr Lipp. ) brands such as Avon.  Very interesting - I thought you only got Avon from reps but I can see from the link you can buy online.  Their award winning lip tattoo looks awesome and its only cheap so I am thinking of buying it.  Have you guys tried it?  You line your lip and with the other end fill it in. It means you've got the perfect shade for both always.  How awesome!? and their fuschia (is that how you spell it, it looks wrong hmmmmm) looks awesome.  It's already in my basket so watch out for an upcoming review.

 Also some lesser well known brands but ones I love anyway like PHB which is a natural and vegan brand.  This is totally on trend at the moment so I predict PHB blowing up in the beauty sphere.  However, as I said- I only had heard of about 25% of the brands in the awards.  I think its amazing that it wasn't just high street names, but lesser known names.  It really has encouraged me to look more online for beauty. At the end of the day, I do it for cloths, so why not for my makeup? This made looking at who the winners were in this cosmetics more interesting to me for sure.  

Have you guys checked out the winners - maybe you know more than me?  Maybe my 25% is quite dire and everyone has heard of the brand names???? I am beyond curious.  Let me know in the comments what you think??

Lots of love and hugs

Fiocco xxx

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Nars cheek palette (orgasm infatuation)

It is totally time for a makeup review, as this blog is first and foremost a beauty blogging site!  Also because this is a product I got for my birthday from my sister and absolutely has to be bragged about and shared with the world.  Incidentally, I didn't put this in my 'wish list', my sister just has a very very good idea of the sort of products I like!

I've always been a fan of Nars blushers, and have only ever had them before as a single colour from this company.  My first experience was I think 16 year old me feeling completely grown up and choosing from SpaceNK the famous Orgasm blush with my weekend earnings. I loved that blush, its matt packaging and the slight sparkle it had to the rose hue.

And somehow, along the's been a very long time sine I've gone back to Nars blushes.  So to get a trio I was really very excited and my soul actually exploded when I opened the pack and saw it was the .....

The Orgasm Infatuation Palette!!

Now THAT is a name for a blush palette haha!
I really can't praise this palette enough.  For me, it is also more of a contouring palette.  As the dark brown colour is perfect for defining the cheek bones.  I also use the colour under my jaw at the sides and also in the side corners of my forehead.  The colour is dark with a little bit of shimmer, and I adore how it isn't matt.  It gives a sunkissed glow, rather than that scary contour colour you can normally see.  With a big fluffy brush, this dark hue is also perfect for all over bronzing if you don't fancy or you are not a contour person.

This dark shade is called Laguna, and I also believe it is a best selling colour in the NARS bronzing range.  So you know you are off to a winner with this palette with it already having Orgasm and Laguna.

I already mentioned to you how much I have always like the shade Orgasm.  And as Nars has named the palette after this colour, you can see it is their trophy amongst their blusher shades.  It looks very dark for a blush, but actually gives the perfect tint pf pink without being too heavy.  I think this shade is actually a very good colour for most people of most skin types.  It is also important to put a little blush on if you use foundation as though foundation clears your blemishes, it also erases any natural rosy hue you might have.  Orgasm gives you that pinched cheek pink colour back.  I really hope this colour gets nominated in the Global Makeup Awards as it really deserves to be recognised as a great blusher.

The third colour is great and I'm relieved to say that.  Often, when makeup brands put the highlighter, it is a moonlit silver that doesn't look natural, or is white which is so hard to work with.  This third colour, is called Orgasm highlighting blush.  This highlighter has a lovely peach tone to it so stays away from that harsh, icy silver tone you see so often.

Price tag - I have good news for you ladies.  This product is typically £35.00 (still a great price for three full sized blush and bronzers.  BUT is currently reduced to £24.50 from SpaceNK.  Winning!


Friday, 25 January 2019

New Nouveau lashes enhance mascara for eyelash extensions review

The New Nouveau Lashes mascara review


As you know I've been using the brand nouveau lashes for a while and really enjoyed their lash growth serum for longer lashes.  But recently I decided to treat myself to their Enhance mascara.

Enhance Mascara by Nouveau Lashes

The reason I purchased this mascara was because I had false eyelash extensions and was warned that not all mascara was good for extensions or could make them fall out quicker. This mascara, however, was made precisely for those who want to enhance their eyelash extensions.

Maybe one of the reasons it works is that is just comes away easily with warm water in the shower.  So you don't have to rub your delicate eyelashes with cleanser.  It also is developed so it doesn't affect the adhesive bond.

I also used this mascara for a holiday in Puglia which involved a lot of swimming, and and general damage and yet the lashes stayed in place.  For £19.00 for this mascara I think it's a great price if you are someone who wears false lashes or extensions.  You can of course use it when you're not wearing false lashes as well as it works great as a gentle normal mascara. I would personally recommend it for your makeup bag.

As a mascara I thought it was good for lengthening.  It does also volumise but I didn't use that much as I already had false extensions in .  I more just wanted to enhance the extensions and this Enhance Mascara by Nouveau lashes does just the job.

There is also one more special thing to say about this mascara and it's the double edged wand.  I can't believe more mascaras don't do this.  I love a fluffier look so really adore the side with many bristles.  Such a great idea depending on what look you want, or maybe you might use one side for the bottom lashes.

5/5, a truly awesome mascara for lash extensions xxx


What a whirlwind 2018

It's been a whirlwind 2018.... and I'm back and ready to blog!!!

It's been filled with incredible highs, lows and has been an all round roller coaster.  Sorry I've been away from the blogging game for a while.  I had been completely overwhelmed and distracted by work, but now, 2019 is time to take a breather, and go back to what I love.  Which is blogging, eating, makeup, beauty, fashion and entrepreneurialism!

In March 2018, I was proposed to by the love of my life in New York on top of the Rockefeller Centre from the Rainbow lounge.  With breathtaking views of the skyscrapers across New York, I have to admit it caught me completely unaware and became the happiest day of my life.

Getting engaged at Rainbow Lounge / Bar 65 at the Rockefeller Centre in New York

Sorry for the hazy photo.  Iphone's front taking camera in the dark has never been its strongest selling point.  But there are plenty more photos coming up of our amazing trip to New York.  Would you guys be interested in my top recommendations for attractions?

Anyway, going back to the location.  I had only chosen the Rainbow bar as it seemed like an Iconic New York skybar to hang out in.  It is dripping with glamour, and the waiting staff who make the cocktails are dressed like they should be serving at a Great Gatsby party.  With a menu full of champagne cocktails it is truly a place to remember for ever.  If you are planning a trip to New York I cannot recommend enough.  Be sure to book though otherwise you can only stand and a place like this definitely gets packed out on a Friday night.

Rainbow Lounge / Bar 65 at the Rockefeller Centre in New York

I actually got the photo above from their website and it definitely doesn't do the views justice.  The windows are  al round making it feel like you have a true 360 panoramic view of New York.  This is just what I was after as a Londoner.  I was completely consumed with taking photos that my other half actually had quite the struggle trying to get the proposal in.... oops!

I have so much to say about 2018, but this was really the starting point for me.  A trip to New York with the love of my life, exploring, enjoying and then ending up engaged too. After 7 years together it wasn't something that I was waiting for in that expect moment and absolutely took my breath away.  The months that followed were some of the busiest.  I hope you enjoy reading about the crazy year I had in the next posts as well as a few intermittent posts on my favourite places to explore in London.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Review of Park Plaza Westminster Bridge 4* hotel

Hello Chicas!

Over the weekend I stayed at the incredible Park Plaza Westminster bridge hotel and felt compelled to leave a review.

I know a lot of my readers come from overseas and I absolutely think this is THE hotel if you are coming for a London visit, long or short.

Location-wise, it's hands down the most most central you can find with the msot stunning views of all the land marks.  Placed in front of the London Eye and Big Ben, you truly see and feel the magic of London with these iconic views stretched in front of you.  Also, it means you can just walk to these sites, or even walk to Oxford Street too for shopping.  It is also just a 4 minute walk from the Westminster tube station or Padington.

park plaza westminster bridge, review, hotel, london,
At night you can really see the delight of the London Eye ad Big Ben illuminated

park plaza westminster bridge, review, hotel, london,
Cheeky Big Ben in the background!

park plaza westminster bridge, review, hotel, london,
What a view to wake up to!

On to the hotel itself:  I thought the restaruant and the bar on the first floor were really exceptional.  They are fabulous if you don't have time to leave the hotel as they boast the same famous views, as well as having a great glamorous feel to the bar (which is entry only on proof that you are staying at the hotel making it all the more exclusive.)  With a great cocktail list, or even just for a coffee in the morning I can't  recommend enough.

The restaurant Brasserie Joel was also excellent - a great selection of French cuisine to suit most tastes and fabulous for a steak.  We were a party of 12 and they had no problems with serving us all an excellent meal together which other restaurants would struggle  with.  I can't remember the name of the red wine we had, but it was exceptional too and made the meal.  All in all, for a restaurant within a hotel it was very good as I do not normally except a great quality from a restaurant based within a hotel!

Sorry for the stock photo of the rooms - I was too busy taking pictures of my views of London to remember  the room!"  The bed was super soft, extra large and one of the most comfortable I have ever slept in .  With a modern bathroom, small living room and huge windows with iconic views, it really is the best place to stay.  I have stayed  in so many London hotels but this is now top of my list and will be returned too for sure.

If you have the chance make sure to pay the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel a visit

Lot of Love xx

Monday, 6 February 2017

OH gosh Summer's coming - time for the Summer body salad plan

Hey Guys!

Wow - I am finally back after what seems like a 6 months haitus.  Being a freelance beauty professional has really been taking up a lot of my time recently, so much so I haven't even had time for my lovely blog!  

Not just that, I haven't been eating right, I've been working long hours and rewarding myself with chocolate pastries each morning and 2 cappuccinos.  It's really easy to think that you can make yourself feel better with chocolate and treats, but the reality is it only lasts for the moment that your eating it and then after  you see the unkind results!

So now - in a determination to get ready for Summer it is time for a healthy eating kick.  No no that doesnt mean any kind of diet, just really trying to cut out all those croissants for breakfast with fruit, and trying to incorporate more salads into the meals.

beetroot salad with pecorino con gusto style

Con Gusto style burrata with peppers
Burrata with roasted peppers - Con Gusto style

Healthy beetroot salad
These are two of my favorite salads - the first one is beetroot salad with pea shoots and smoked pecorino.  It is the simplest salad ever and makes a great change to a boring iceberg lettuce and tomato salad (which incidentally is being to restricted to just three per person in the shops due to a poor harvest).  The flavour bursts in this healthy salad and is great topped with some maldon salt and a little drizzle of expensive extra virgin olive oil.

Burrata with roasted peppers

Another favourite salad I have been making is buratta ( a creamy Italian cheese from Puglia) with mixed roasted peppers on some toasted bread with taggiasca olives.  It feels richly indulgent without feeling  like a salad.  I think cutting down on meat is really important as it is so easy to eat it twice a day.  When in fact just eating a few more veggie salads like this are way more exciting, great for the body in the run up to summer and taste delicious.

As for the gym membership which hasn't been used for 4 months  (eeek!) I will give you an update as soon as I get back in the swing haha!  We can't perfect eh??

In the meantime I hope you enjoyed these yummy veggy salad dishes


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wow I've been featured in an article!!

Hey lovlies

This is SOOO exciting I had to share it with you all.  As you know I went to the Polo in Windsor the other  day and I was proudly wearing on of my friends Louis Mariette's creations.  (He is a famous milliner who creates hats for the likes of Lady GaGa, Kate Moss and even Harrods front windows!).

And a picture of me wearing one of his fabulous creations was featured in LemonTrend!

Read the article above to see pics and read more :)

Have you guys ever thought about, or have, a fancy hat?? Share pics below of some of your favs!

Have a great day!

Fiocco x