Saturday, 19 April 2014

How get wavy hair with Denman brushes

Morning my lovely ladies!

I was watching this video by Denman Brush  which helps you choose which hair brush you need depending on the style you want.  I have a large collection of brushes but was missing the round brush for curling hair as I don't normally achieve that look.  I was so curious and loved the look of the round barrel brush I had to try it out....and also the tangle tamer as my hair is super prone to tangles.

I loved the results so I thought I would give a quick tutorial on how to achieve wavy hair using the Denman round barrel brush and tangle tamer.  I really like the below effect as it has more life and volume than straightened hair yet doesn't look wild at all.  I know you guys have seen my natural wild effect which is great for growing out your hair, but sometimes, a curl needs to look a little more tamed....especially if you're going out!

Achieving this look:

I used the following tools:

Prep the hair
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner 
  • Towel dry
  • Spray hair with Elnett heat defence
  • Section the hair into quarters ear to ear
Curl the hair

  • using the Denman round barrel brush take inch strands and blow dry from root to tip curling the brush around the hair and pulling down
  • Work your way across each section then spray with hair spray
  • Work on the fringe separately and pull away from the face to give more bounce
  • Use the Denman tangle tamer to brush through the tight curls to loosen them to give more natural look

Picture overload as usual, sorry guys!

But I hope you like the wavy hair look that I achieved with Denman Brushes.  I felt a bit like Rapunzel and it was soo far from my usual poker straight hair I couldn't help fiddling with it all day.

They're available from or from Boots.
*brushes ent for consideration and review

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