Friday, 25 April 2014

2 minute natural wavy hair

Hello Ladies!

My last post was on wavy hair too, but it was achieved with blowdrying the hair around a round barreled brush.  The results were fairly glamourous, but it is very labour intensive.  Achieving that look every day would take so much time and the heat would not be a friend to your hair.

Here I'm going to show you how to achieve natural wavy hair which is possible in just two minutes but with no heat.  

Ok, so I know the waves aren't as bouncy or as beautiful as in my last post where they had been styled, but this is 'natural'so you have to work with what you've got haha! Even if you haven't got naturally wavy hair this look is still possible and uses an age old technique.

Wash and condition your hair as usual and comb through with a tangle teezer.  Gently towel dry and d if you have a smoothing serum, run that through too.  As we're not taming our hair with heat, it's going to need all the anti frizz help you can get!

Then, run through it again with a brush.  Having knot free hair is essential to this style if you don't want to be looking like a crazy wild woman.  Then pull it back and plait it tightly.  This whole process really does take 2 minutes.  Here's the part where I cheat though - go to sleep on it like this.  This means it dries naturally without getting frizzed up by the blow dryer.

In the morning, take out the plait and run your fingers through it and scrunch it upwards.  Spray a little hair spray of the bottom half to mke the waves last linger.  This look has waves on the bottom half and is straight at the top as where you've pulled it back in the plait, only the bottom half becomes wavy.  Great for that beach hair look.

I did cheat a little and run the striaghteners through my fringe - just because I personally am not a fan for a wavy cow-lick fringe and no amount of pulling or clipping will ever make it straight naturally!

But anyways, I hope you like this natural and easy 2 minute wavy hair tutorial!

Fiocco Bianco

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