Friday, 25 October 2013

Disappointing results from Ombre Dip Dye by L'oreal

Hi my Lovlies!

I've been away in Italy all this week, it was soo good to be back by the sea and eating lots of delicious creamy croissants!!! I also went to Sephora and had a crazy haul - you'll be seeing lots of it in the upcoming posts!  But, today is all about the results I had from L'oreal Paris Ombre Range - retailing at £6.99 it's their first dip dye kit.

I'm going to put it out there - was was hugely disappointed by this Ombre dye kit.  I couldn't see much of a result except for an orange tinge on my hair and it being left completely dry and crispy - far from the cool dip dyed look it promised  -  months of restoring it back to health with Aveda were ruined in seconds.

When I've dip dyed my hair in the past, I've not used a kit, but lightened it with lightening powder and then put on a ash gray blonde on top to give it a natural blonde sun kissed look.  Where this L'oreal Ombre kit goes wrong is that it just pulls the natural colour out of your own hair, without putting a nice blonde shade on top of it after.  This kit would be so much better if there was a second stage, whereby you apply a  blonde dye to the post lightened hair.

This way, hair could look healthy and beautifully sunkissed in the blonde shade you want.  NOT just an orange, damaged version of your own hair which is the sad reality!  I'll leave you with the pictures so you can judge for yourselves!

Have you guys tried it?? How were your results, I'm hoping they were much better than mine, let me know!!!!
xxxxx fiocco bianco xxxxxx


  1. Mine was awful..
    I tried this yesterday and it literally did nothing!
    I left it on for 40 minuets and you can hardly see any difference (even less than yours.) it looks maybe half a shade lighter on the ends.. I have bleached my hair before, but I've always had better luck than this...
    My hair is about the same shade as yours, too.

  2. I can't believe it looks the same that's terrible! I was so unimpressed and my hair is still feeling really dry from when I did it!
    You live and learn eh?