Wednesday, 2 October 2013

FRENDS Taylor Gold Headphones - perfect Christmas gift for Her!

Boy oh Boy did I treat myself!

Remember I told you guys about me working just off Oxford Street and the temptations that is causes me!  I was just schmoozing around you do of a lunch time...and I find myself staring face to face with the most beautiful headphones that I had ever seen - Friends Taylor Gold Headphones (link).  They're made of white leather and plated with gold metal and are just the perfect accessory for any occasion as well as giving beautiful sound quality.

These would make the perfect "Christmas gift for Her" - but unfortuantely I have no self control and got them for me without waiting to be gifted them!

FRENDS Taylor Gold Headphones from Selfirdges

I can't stop admiring them, even the box they come with is just stunning!  But lets look at the practicalities:

The Frends Taylor Gold Headphones come with the following great features:

1. Jewelry inspired design
2. Genuine leather & hand crafted metal
3. Soft touch fabric cord
4. Three button mic with volume, music + phone control
5. Memory foam ear cushions
6. Premium 40mm driver

These would make an absolutely great Christmas gift as they're beautifully designed and great to wear every day to both listen to music and to make your outfit absolutely perfect!

They RRP at £170 and are available from Selfridges on Oxford Street or online from .

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