Thursday, 17 October 2013

Exciting, Ethical & Luxury Beauty Brand MYDDFAI

Morning ladies, 

As you probably know, I've spent the last couple of years living in Italy.  This gave me a thirst for products which exuded luxury and artisanship.  Of course I'm wheeled in my the big names that you see so often on the shelves, but what really gets me excited, is products that have been produced laboriously by hand. So let me introduce you to MYDDFAI, the Welsh, luxury ethical cosmetics brand.

This Welsh luxury ethical cosmetic brand, Myddfai, creates beaaautifully delicious spa / luxury bathroom products. Based in Carmarthenshire, they manufacture luxury cosmetics with the aim of improving the lives of the people in the community throuogh involving them and using local sourced natural products.

I love how special these products make me feel, as I know I am one of just a few lucky people who know about them. Best of all, they're not just locally made, but they are paraben and cruelty free.  I think these would make the perfect gift at Christmas to a mum, friend or sister, as they ooze luxury and make you feel pampered.  

 Their Mountain Dew Whipped Shea butter is to die for - it has an almost sugary texture under it warms on your hands and body then melts in.  The fragrance is a secret - but I'm sure it comes from the mountain dew which  every morning at they collect after a jaunt up the local mountain!  I mean  really, can you get any more spoiled than that?

I also got given some delicious little hand and shower creams which like the shea butter ooze luxury and melt into the skin.

The star of the show was Myddfai's creamy whipped shea butter made form real mountain dew!

 I honestly honestly honestly am crazy about these products by Myddfai.  Yes they are a PR sample, but I don't care, they are EXTRAORDINARY. And I would love you guys to check them out as they deserve it both on quality and ethics.

So please take a look at their site:

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Lots of love,

Fiocco Bianco x x x x


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  1. To celebrate our new Myddfai Face & Body oils, we're offering 10% discount on all our products this weekend. Enter coupon code "oct10" at checkout. offer ends midnight Sunday 19th October 2014. Get FREE UK POSTAGE & PACKAGING on orders over £50

    Our professional facial oils with their rich combination of natural ingredients are used in Spa’s, Therapy Rooms and in the Home.

    All our bathroom ranges are paraben SLS/SLES and cruelty free.

    MADE IN THE UK. Bottled and labelled at Myddfai Trading Company.

    Helping challenged adults achieve more.