Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Top 5 mascaras!

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I hope you're all having a lovely week so far??
I opened my mascara draw the other day and was a little bit disgusted at myself at quite how many mascaras I own.  Often I buy a mascara to try it out, hate it, and never use it again.  I can't bare to throw it out so I just accumulate dozens upon dozens of mascaras.
BUT, there is a plus! I have discovered some exceptional mascaras.  Below are my top 5, but made up of just three brands.  Below is a quick summary of the best points of my top 5 mascaras to help you make your descions when buying!

From Top downwards in order of favorites we have:

Benefit Cosmetics badGAL lash RRP £17.50

  • Good price considering the quality
  • Creates huge lashes without clumping
  • No fallout

DIORshow blackout waterproof RRP £23.00
  • second best mascara
  • LOVE how black this one is
  • lasts all day
  • loses a point on price as it is a little steeep when badGAL lash produces the same effects for much cheaper.  Then again I prefer to see dior in my makeup pay for the brand I guess

DIORshow waterproof RRP £23.00


  • Instantly transforms lashes - great for when running late
  • very black
  • seperates, lengthens and volumizes
  • down point - after a couple of months the product dries out (badgal lash doesn't do this)
  • Also it is a little pricey for a product that dries out quickly

  • Benefit Cosmetics They're Real RRP £19.50

    • best point of this mascara is its applity to seperate and lengthen
    • Creates very elegant long seperate lashes
    • It lost two marks as I prefer heavy, volumized black lashes, compared to elegant long seperate lashes.  If you prefer a less heavy look, then this mascara is for you.
    • Beautiful foruma, no fallout

    Lord & Berry Scuba extreme RRP £12.00

    • Considering its cheap price this mascara works very well at creating thick, volumized lashes
    • I don't like the colour - it isn't black enough, it is like a black / brown
    • Fantastic application though which I cannot fault

    And there we have it - my top 5 mascaras!! I hope oyu gugys found this review useful, let me know!!!

    Fiocco Bianco x x x x

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