Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay review

Hey Dolls, 

I've recently tried out Nair's Brazilian Spa Clay* facial wax strips so I thought I'd give a little review on it!  The pack comes with 20 wax strips, 2 cooling pre-wipes to prepare the skin and 2 moisturizing post wipes. 

I loved the pre wipes. I thought this was a really great touch as I've tired lots of home waxes before and not all of them contain these pre wipes which cool your skin and prep it for action.  They really prepare your skin which I find really important when your about to wax something as delicate as your face!  

Though only down point with regards to the wipes is that there is only two of them - and seeing as I won't be using 10 wax strips per time I feel like there isn't enough of them included as I will probably only use a maximum of 4 wax trips per time. 

I love the tiny little wax trips - they're the perfect size for all those awkward places :P .  They also have an absolutely lovely scent to them which makes it feel like you're having a real at home spa treatment.


They worked really well in removing all the hairs quickly and efficiently.  There is a little pain involved but only as much as to be expected with waxing.

It also leaves no residue at all which is a hugely important factor for me.  The wipes therefore serve only to moisturize and not to wipe globs of wax off as I have had to do in the past with other brands.

I would definitely recommend these Nair Brazilian Spa Clay wax strips it is currently on sale at Boots for just £3.79 here when it has a RRP of £5.69 which makes it a bargain which should be snapped up now.  Especially when you think how much you spend on similar treatments as spas, this can definitely save you lots of money.

RRP £5.69 - Available from Boots, Superdrug and Asda nationwide.
But currently on sale at Boots (here) for just £3.79

*PR sample sent for consideration & review

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