Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday Night Special: great back-combed hair with Denman

Waheey! So Saturday Night is here! Are you lovely ladies up to anything nice?

This evening I'm going to a club  in Chelsea.  There will be a lot of glammed up people there so I want to make sure my hair looks its best!  I'll be going for the back combed look as it's a great way of adding fun and volume to your locks.

I've had a few emails requesting how I do it, so here's a simple guide using my must have tools from Denman and Elnett:

You will need:


I think back-combing hair looks fab on freshly washed hair.  Try not to do it on greasy hair otherwise it can look slightly tramp!
  1. Shampoo and condition your hair (I like Aveda's Smooth Infusions range (see post) which smooths and protects)
  2. Protect your hair before blow drying with Elnett's heat protect spray.  There is absolutely no excuse not to protect your hair when all it takes is a spritz of this lovely smelling product, as not doing so leads to severely damaged dry hair.
  3. If your hair is naturally smooth, then leave it be and go to the next stage. If (like me) the thought of leaving the house straight after a blow dry scares you, then run your straighteners quickly through it. Don't worry, it's still protected by the Elnett spray.
The Back combing
  1. Brush through with a Denman porpupine brush (or similar). This lightweight brush is great for adding shine and conditioning the hair as well as smoothing out tangles.
  2. Use the plastic pin on the  Denman dressing out brush to divide your hair  into two halves, about 2 inches below your natural parting and clip the top half up.
  3. Taking an inch strand at a time, use the other end of the dressing out brush to gently back comb four or five times.  *You only need to back comb from about 2 inches from the root upwards.
  4. Straight after back combing one strand, set it with a spritz of Elnett hair spray and move to the next strand.
  5. After this half had been back combed. Unclip your hair and let it fall in to it's natural parting.  In the same way as previously, take one inch strand from either side of your parting and repeat the process and set with hair spray.
  6. Use your fingers to gently run through your hair and push it upwards in order to achieve optimum  volume!
Hope this was useful! Have a great Saturday night girlies - photos of my hair from tonight will be up in a blog soon to follow!  xx x x

PR samples: 
*Denman Large Grooming Brush retails at £12.47 available from online or Boots, Superdrug, Asda and John Lewis
*Denman Dressing out brush retails at £2.87 available from online or Boots, Superdrug, Asda and John Lewis

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