Tuesday, 29 October 2013

One of the problems of being a makeup junkie

Hello my Lovlies!

I have a small confession - I am a huge makeup junkie - and theres nothing that makes me as mad as expensive makeup that has nasty packaging. The number of times I've bought products or brands purely because of their products.  Chanel is my personal favorite as it looks just as sleek and new after 6 months just by giving the packaging a once over with a makeup wipe.  On the other hand, you have NARS - I love their products, but man I can't stand the rubber packaging which gets so dirty.

So here's where the extent of my snobbery can be seen - with YSL. I love their sleek look perspex plastic and gold lids with their trademark label.  Unfortunately though, after a few months of rough and tumble in my makeup bag they can end up looking like the one on the right!  And I can't bare it.  It's kills my soul.  And it means I purchase new ones!

The nasty chipped gold lid looks so cheap even though it was 75% full! I felt like I was forced to buy a new one just so it had that beautiful new feel again.  There's no point having a beautiful YSL lipgloss if it ends up looking like like the one one on the right... I mean come on!

Are you girls with me on this one, or am I completely unreasonable!?!?!  I mean it's still 3/4 full but I can't stand its nasty appearance!  

Oh dear - I need a life. But hopefully you makeup junkies understand!

xx fiocco bianco


  1. Hi Fiocco. I have a simple tip that can be really helpful for protect the lid of your makeup. As soon as you buy them, apply some nail coat, or nail polish (transparent of course), it can help to protect the paint and keep the sleek look, without scratches. :) hope it could be useful.

    1. That is the best tip I have EVER heard!!Thanks so much for sharing, gonna try it out tonight xxxx