Monday, 3 June 2013

Bella Pierre Makeup

Hello lovely ladies,

I decided to do something crazy and step away from my usual foundations and try a new one.  I went for a mineral based foundation by a brand called Bella Pierre which specializes in 100% mineral makeup.

I was really pleasantly surprised by the coverage.  Previously I was wary of mineral foundations as I thought it might not provide the coverage needed to mask all blemishes and discolourations.  However, Bella Pierre provided a beautiful coverage without any heaviness at all. I used it together with their primer, which though is a little pricey, I feel is essential in order for the minerals to set on your skin. 

Bella Pierre had a beautiful choice of foundation and blush colours which blend into most skin tones.  I would definitely recommend this makeup for during the day or for work as it sweeps on so lightly.
These are the colours I used: Bella Pierre compact foundation in Cinnamon, Belle Pierre compact blush in Autumn glow and  Belle Pierre foundation primer

Have you guys every tried mineral makeup, or use it every day?  I think I may just be a convert as I hate the feeling of blocking my pores and this just sits so lightly on your skin!


  1. so brave - i'd struggle to try a new base! looks divine :) xx

  2. haha I'm not joking, it reallyt was scary trying out a new foundation, especially with a different consistency! (I still will remain faithful to Benefit playstick and YSL teint touche eclait though!!!)