Friday, 14 June 2013

Life on NARS

I hope everybody has that Friday feeling!?

Here's my end of week work makeup look.  I've got all my usual makeup - Benefit foundation, blush and mascara and then to warm it up I've added some beautiful golden shades by Nars in one of their lipsticks and multiple sticks.

Its coming up to summer (is there ever really a summer here in London) so the golden shades are a great way for adding a special something to your makeup whilst still keeping it light enough for work.

Nars sheer lipstick in Sexual Healing (link) - I'll spare you the jokes
Nars The Multiple in South beach (link)

I used the South Beach multiple stick on top of the Benefit Dallas as it adds a real luminosity to the skin.  It warms it just enough to look like you really have been on south beach without the tangoed effect.

The lipstick is great for work as it blends in to your natural skin tone so you don't have to be precise at all when you took it on. Literally, a couple of swipes and your ready to go.

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