Friday, 29 November 2013

Top Tips for Clear Skin this Christmas

Good Morning Ladies!

I hope you're all enjoying black Friday?  Ahead of us we have the first real Christmas weekend ahead of us! I can't wait to go to Southbank Christmas Market and try out the Stollen and Mulled wines!

However, all that sugar and alcohol can reaaaaally take its toll on your skin over the Christmas period.  The number of times I've got to Christmas day red and spotty is ridiculous.  Over the last couple of years I've learnt a few tricks of how to look after it despite the Christmas party period giving it a beating!

My top tips are:

1.) Take off your makeup NO MATTER WHAT in the evenings.  No excuses.  Doesn't matter how tired you are or if its 5am make sure you at least grab a makeup wipe.

2.) Exfoliate with a light exfoliating cream wash in the mornings (I'm currently loving Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant).  This will really get rid of any grease and dirt that you didn't manage to get rid of the night before.  Follow with a light moisturizer.

3.) Try and drink a smoothie every day if possible! Those antioxidents will attack those pesky free radicals which wreak havoc on your skin!  Make sure it is 100% fruit and not full of artificial flavorings and additives.

4.) Hide any signs of the night before with a primer under your foundation.  It means that by the end of the day no tell tale red blotchy skin will be shining through!

Enjoy perfect skin this Christmas!!!
Lots of love

Fiocco Bianco xxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Thursday, 28 November 2013

OOTD H&M Chiffon Blouse for the Christmas season!

Hello my gorgeous ladies!

Have you guys ever found an item of clothing and ended buying it in all the available shades? I tend to do this mostly with jeans, but I've discovered a stunning chiffon shirt by H&M (link) and ended up buying it in most of the colours I could find!  It's a bargain at 14.99 and perfect for work, play and CHRISTMAS depending on how you wear it.

I love this Charcoal grey colour for this H&M chiffon shirt as it off sets the pearl buttons beautifully and is my favorite of the collection.  What are you favorite colours for this Christmas?
H&M Chiffon Shirt (link)

I love matching it with jeans, but it looks great with a form long black skirt for work like you can see in the pictures below.  If you can get near an H&M try it on cause it really does look fab on.  I bought it in different sizes too, with a white one in two dress sizes bigger for that over sizeed sexy white shirt look!

So here's my OOTD, a little formal as it was for an event but I like the look :)

I think this is a great piece for the christmas period because it is relaxed and elegant and makes a nice change to wearing a dress.  What do you think of it??

What will be your favorite piece this Xmas??? xxxx fiocco bianco

Dazzle this Christmas with Dower & Hall's Rose Gold Jewellery

This Christmas' must have jewellery has to be rose gold.  It's the perfect match with that LBD as it will glam it up for Christmas and keep it bang on trend.  I've already purchased my LBD, it's a lace loose fitting dress by Biba and with its 3/4 sleeves there's the perfect excuse for a chunky rose gold accessories.

As you guys know my favourite British jewelery brand is Dower & Hall.  I've been obsessing over their rose gold accessories so I thought I would share it with you guys as they make the perfect gifts this Christmas and woulds make any LBD Dazzle this Christmas.

Rose Gold Double Cuff, Twinkle ring with rose quartz and heart shaped studs by D&H

Because of the high neckline of the dress and 3.4 sleeves, the perfect statement piece would be an oversized Dower and Hall double Cuff (link).  This piece is definitely on my Christmas Wish List as it is so simple yet so glam at the same time.

To compliment the  double cuff, accessorize it with a matching rose gold ring.  I love the Dower and Hall Twinkle rinf (link) because of the detailing on the metal and the choice of coloured stones so you can accessorize your Christmas outfit perfectly.  As I'm crazy for nude colours this season rose quartz wowed me straight away, but there's a range of precious stones for you to pick and choose. For just £75.00 its an accessory that you can match with anything.

Last of all, these cute little rose gold heart shaped studs (link).  They finish off accessorizing the LBD perfectly and add that perfect finishing touch.  At £38.00 they would also make a great Christmas gift for any girl wanting a bit of festive dazzle!

So that's how I would add some dazzle to my LBD this Christmas! Hope you guys enjoyed and enjoy the Christmas season! x x x

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Dermalogica Review from Beauty900

Hi Ladies!
You guys know that I'm a sucker for skin care products as I really think having clear skin can transform you, bringing out your natrual beauty.  And even if you wear makeup, it looks so much sleeker and sophisticated on smooth clear skin. Additionally, now my 25th birthday is creeping up, products with an anti ageing slant are a must!!
I was lucky enough to try some Dermalogica minatures from Beauty900 including the AGEsmart range and their esteemed daily microfoliant to review.   As I previously had never used Dermalogica but had always heard so so much about them so I couldn't wait to try them out. 
 Out of the products below, I have to say, I was completely blown away by one of them.  The Daily Microfoliant.
This is a white powder that turns into a microfoliant cream upon contact with water.  I love this idea as it is a great space saver and you can make the product as thick or thin as you like.
  1. The granules were the perfect size, not too small that it doesn't feel like its working, and not so large that feels sore rubbing it in.  After rubbing the product on in circular motions, I then just simply rinsed it off.  My skin felt instantly smoother and my pores felt minimilised.  I completely 100% reccommend this Dermalogica Microfoliant and would definitely purchase one in the future.
  2. Now with my cleansed and exfoliated face I put on Dermalogica's Power Firm.   This had immediate effects where my skin felt much smoother and firmer.  There was a slight tingling sensation so I really could feel the product working.  This is great for women in their 20s/30s who need a small amount of tightening and firming to get that youthfulness back.
  3. To finish off my skin care regime I put on the moisturiser Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30.  This had a great non oily feel to it and really smoothed my skin and made it feel silky smooth.  I liked its thick texture and only a small amount went a long way.
  4. The agesmart skin perfect primer was a great way to then prep my skin for makeup as it had a lovely natural skin coloured tone.
After this regime my skin looked much more flawless, smoother and mattified.  My honest review is that all of these products did what they said they would do and left fantastic results. But, if you had to choose just one, I would advise the dauly microfolient!

All products available from

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Designer Ray Bans (and others) for a fraction of the price from eywearbrands!

Glasses are an accessory, but unfortunately for the likes of short sighted folks like me, they're also a necessity.  But glasses can work wonders on your outfit, and can transform your look adding anything from sophistication to edginess! It all depends on what kind of look your going for.

And glasses don't come cheap.  Even going down to specsavers for their offer of 2for1 for £69 is still pretty costly considering the disgusting choice on offer.  This is why I thought I'd share with my speccy followers  a little miracle site which offers designer glasses for a fraction of the price.  I managed to bag a stunning pair of Ray Bans that are to die for!

Drum role pleaaaase .......

Ray Bans from

I found on this marvelous website a ton of designer brands for under £50. I myself purchased authentic Ray Bans, complete with case, prescription lenses, anti glare, anti scratch FREE p&p and all for £45.  Shockingly good right?

Mine are sold out, but I love these Ray Ban Wayfarers for £79 and I have a feeling I may have to treat myself to them too...a girls gotta see right!?

I hope you guys find yourself a perfect pair off this site which will help you to transform your look and boost your confidence.

Anyways, spread the love

Fiocco Bianco

P.S not a sponsored post, I am just crazy for a great deal xxx

Friday, 8 November 2013

Chanel Nude Nail Polishes

I'm a sucker for nude nail polishes.  I love that their elegance and yet if they chip you can barely notice - in fact, anything that makes you look fab and is low maintenance is always a winner in my books!  A natural, nude manicure always looks stylish and bang on trend no matter what your're wearing or what the season.  It is so worth investing in a Chanel nude nail polish, as I really believe it can be worn for any occasion!

For nude nail polishes, there  is a reason I love Chanel and it's not just down to their flawless packaging. I feel like they get their tones that perfect shade which make your nails look immaculate, healthy and beautiful.  Other brands have shades which are either a bit too mat making you look ill, or too transparent and lack giving you that peachy sheen.

Currently, I'm loving Chanel's Fiamme Rose 87, an almost mink nude shade. This is a beautiful colour whether worn as two coats or by itself.  It's a creamy, minky tone which adds a really elegant tone to your nails.

My other top Chanel nude is Tenderesse 507 which is slightly more pink than  the Fiamme Rose.  It provides a more glossy colour and is perhaps more natural looking.  Both these shades having amazing staying power and easy application.  A lot of high end nail polishes have the selling points of easy application and staying power, but where they lose out to Chanel, is on their poor colour choice for nude manicures.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fashion Alert! Christmas Wish List

Hello my beauties!!

Christmas is creeping up on us and its getting colder too, so here's my fashion Christmas Wish List, which is just full of gorgeous winter warmers!

I've been dying to get my hands on this outfit for a while, and I've finally put together perfect combination.  It's completely on trend as making sure to keep you warm this Winter!  The following look great together as an outfit, or are perfect as well as stand alone pieces and it's all drawn together by one fantastic bag!  I love how you can mix and match these items with anything in your wardrobe and it will always look fantastic!

It was inspired by John Lewis' "The Fashion Edit" as their French Connection Weave Clutch looks Divine to match with any Winter look!
French Connection Weave Clutch

This bag would look so good with so many outfits, but the following is what I would really love to wear it with this Christmas! So let me introduce you to my Winter Warmers Guide!

First up is this gorgeous Mango Combi Leather Jacket (RRP £114.99).  This jacket is bang on trend and I just love the detailing on the sleeves.  And because it's 100% leather it will keep you snug as a bug.

I think it would look great matched with this cute checked shirt, also by Mango (RRP £34.99) but to be honest, I think the leather jacket would go with just about anything! To complete the outfit, I've gone for these Superfit Skinny Jeans (£38.00) as they're super slimming and will look fab with this outfit!

Last of all, but probably the most important thing on the wish list are the boots.  It is so important to have a great pair of boots of Winter to keep the rain and snow out, keep you warm and comfortable AND to make your outfit perfect.  You can't go wrong with these Leather Ankle Boots by Bertie (£115.00).  I'm dying to get them and they are right up there on my Christmas Wish List!!!

And that's it!  I hope you guys like my Christmas List! What's on yours?????


All items available from
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Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Benefits of Samples Sales - Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation

This is a post that I've been umming and ahhing about for a while.  It's about sample sales.  Because, lets face it, it is a bit embarrassing to post about cheap products that you've managed to get  your hands on!

But here we go!  I was at one of my favorite little boutique makeup shops in Italy (if you get the chance to go there its called Via Mancini 55) where the lovely owner does some great sample sales so you can 'try before you buy'.  I snapped up this Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation for a bargain.  These sorts of sample sales are great because it is a great way of trying out an expensive product to see if you like it.


Unfortunately though, this Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation wasn't for me.  The coverage was too heavy, the colour was far too orange and it was extremely drying to the skin.  Surprisingly, this Chanel foundation goes thick and clumpy in the bottle very quickly and as for the finished result: I looked far to caked in makeup and it wasn't natural.  
But do you know what, I'm still happy I bought it as it meant I didn't fork out on the real thing!

Have you guys ever had a great or terrible makeup find in one of these sorts of sample sales? Let me know!

Fyi....My firm favorite in the foundation world remains YVES SAINT LAURENT teint touch eclat!