Thursday, 28 November 2013

OOTD H&M Chiffon Blouse for the Christmas season!

Hello my gorgeous ladies!

Have you guys ever found an item of clothing and ended buying it in all the available shades? I tend to do this mostly with jeans, but I've discovered a stunning chiffon shirt by H&M (link) and ended up buying it in most of the colours I could find!  It's a bargain at 14.99 and perfect for work, play and CHRISTMAS depending on how you wear it.

I love this Charcoal grey colour for this H&M chiffon shirt as it off sets the pearl buttons beautifully and is my favorite of the collection.  What are you favorite colours for this Christmas?
H&M Chiffon Shirt (link)

I love matching it with jeans, but it looks great with a form long black skirt for work like you can see in the pictures below.  If you can get near an H&M try it on cause it really does look fab on.  I bought it in different sizes too, with a white one in two dress sizes bigger for that over sizeed sexy white shirt look!

So here's my OOTD, a little formal as it was for an event but I like the look :)

I think this is a great piece for the christmas period because it is relaxed and elegant and makes a nice change to wearing a dress.  What do you think of it??

What will be your favorite piece this Xmas??? xxxx fiocco bianco

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