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Dermalogica Review from Beauty900

Hi Ladies!
You guys know that I'm a sucker for skin care products as I really think having clear skin can transform you, bringing out your natrual beauty.  And even if you wear makeup, it looks so much sleeker and sophisticated on smooth clear skin. Additionally, now my 25th birthday is creeping up, products with an anti ageing slant are a must!!
I was lucky enough to try some Dermalogica minatures from Beauty900 including the AGEsmart range and their esteemed daily microfoliant to review.   As I previously had never used Dermalogica but had always heard so so much about them so I couldn't wait to try them out. 
 Out of the products below, I have to say, I was completely blown away by one of them.  The Daily Microfoliant.
This is a white powder that turns into a microfoliant cream upon contact with water.  I love this idea as it is a great space saver and you can make the product as thick or thin as you like.
  1. The granules were the perfect size, not too small that it doesn't feel like its working, and not so large that feels sore rubbing it in.  After rubbing the product on in circular motions, I then just simply rinsed it off.  My skin felt instantly smoother and my pores felt minimilised.  I completely 100% reccommend this Dermalogica Microfoliant and would definitely purchase one in the future.
  2. Now with my cleansed and exfoliated face I put on Dermalogica's Power Firm.   This had immediate effects where my skin felt much smoother and firmer.  There was a slight tingling sensation so I really could feel the product working.  This is great for women in their 20s/30s who need a small amount of tightening and firming to get that youthfulness back.
  3. To finish off my skin care regime I put on the moisturiser Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30.  This had a great non oily feel to it and really smoothed my skin and made it feel silky smooth.  I liked its thick texture and only a small amount went a long way.
  4. The agesmart skin perfect primer was a great way to then prep my skin for makeup as it had a lovely natural skin coloured tone.
After this regime my skin looked much more flawless, smoother and mattified.  My honest review is that all of these products did what they said they would do and left fantastic results. But, if you had to choose just one, I would advise the dauly microfolient!

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