Friday, 8 November 2013

Chanel Nude Nail Polishes

I'm a sucker for nude nail polishes.  I love that their elegance and yet if they chip you can barely notice - in fact, anything that makes you look fab and is low maintenance is always a winner in my books!  A natural, nude manicure always looks stylish and bang on trend no matter what your're wearing or what the season.  It is so worth investing in a Chanel nude nail polish, as I really believe it can be worn for any occasion!

For nude nail polishes, there  is a reason I love Chanel and it's not just down to their flawless packaging. I feel like they get their tones that perfect shade which make your nails look immaculate, healthy and beautiful.  Other brands have shades which are either a bit too mat making you look ill, or too transparent and lack giving you that peachy sheen.

Currently, I'm loving Chanel's Fiamme Rose 87, an almost mink nude shade. This is a beautiful colour whether worn as two coats or by itself.  It's a creamy, minky tone which adds a really elegant tone to your nails.

My other top Chanel nude is Tenderesse 507 which is slightly more pink than  the Fiamme Rose.  It provides a more glossy colour and is perhaps more natural looking.  Both these shades having amazing staying power and easy application.  A lot of high end nail polishes have the selling points of easy application and staying power, but where they lose out to Chanel, is on their poor colour choice for nude manicures.

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