Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Addison Lee - Watch out! They will charge you double

I hate being swindled, and I have been well and truly swindled by Addison Lee London taxi company.

I try not to be prejudiced against any company, but I feel like it is my duty to innocent people not to create an account with Addison Lee.

I will not tire you with the minor details, but after calling Addison Lee to book a taxi, I was told I would receive a 20% discount for my journey.  Then we come to the end of the month - and this is where they swindled me.  For 2 journeys which were meant to cost £44.40 (without the mentioned 20% discount) - they charged me a whopping £95.00.  That's DOUBLE what I had been quoted on the phone.

I rang customer services immediately obviously believing there had been a big mistake.  I was told "the price can be more than what was quoted on the phone". That was almost amusing had it not just cost me a load of money.

They refunded me a flimsy £15.00 with no apology and no mention of what the mistake was.  I am therefore still about £35.00 out of pocket.  Apparently, the extra £35.00 they added onto my bill was VAT and admin charges.

So my readers, do not be fooled by saved money when offered 20% discount by creating an account.  For me, they direct debited almost double what I was quoted on the phone.  I have no idea how they can get away with such disgusting behavior, but I sincerely hope that Watchdog get onto them soon and to start investigating.

In the meantime, why not use a smaller local company than this big money grabbing company with ho sense of customer service.

I can assure all of you that I will be closing my account as soon as this is sorted (though by the looks of it, they will continue to insist that I pay for their scandalous behavior) and will make sure that I will tell anyone half interested to stay away.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

An amazing London Christmas Party - with incredible canapes!

Last night I went to an incredible Christmas party with my friends.  But it was hard to pinpoint exactly what made the party so good.  Of course the early Christmas carols really got us all in the festive spirit as did the cheap santa hats, but I think the beautiful location and the food and prosecco really made it one of the best.  So a big thank you to www.congustocatering.co.uk for providing us with such a delicious selection of food which made our London Christmas Party really sparkle!

The party was in a beautiful venue, decked out in white with lovely gold crackers on the tables.  And there was an abundant supply of one of the most gorgeous prosecco's I've ever tried - Colle del Principe!  I just love how the london catering company Con Gusto Catering provided such a lovely display!

The fresh smoked salmon canapes topped with fresh salmon caviar was to die for.  I definitely ate far too many of these!  They were served on hand made blinis with soured cream and creme fresh.  Below is one of the more appropriate shots of the evening with us all in our Christmas hats!

Cantaloupe melon balls with San Danielle Prosciutto by www.congustocatering.co.uk

 And wow, just what am amazing Christmas party - I hope I get to attend a few more over the next coming weeks and I hope the food will be just as good.  Looking back at those cantaloupe melon balls with San Danielle Prosciutto is making me salivate, so I better leave it at that!

But if you're holding a Christmas party, I cannot recommend enough www.congustocatering.co.uk - the staff were so helpful and the food was so amazing it made the Christmas party!

OOTD for Sushi Samba - Silk blue floor length dress

Hey lovely ladies, 

Here is my outfit of the day - it's more elegant than I normally wear as it was a special occasion - going to Sushi Samba in London.  It is a bespoke dress made to measure by an Italian little known stylist - I'd been saving it for a special occasion and I thought  Sushi Samba would have been the perfect occasion - however, as you'll see later I was so so disappointed!

The dress 

The dress is delicate floor length and elegant with a simple high neck and jeweled detail.  It is fitted on the waist with a with a ribbon belt with the same jeweled details and with low cut sleeves. I love the petrol blue of this dress as the colour is so strong it matches the dresses simple detail.  I think this sort of design is perfect for Christmas parties with its jazzy jewels and strong colour, to make a change  of the little black dress.

 Sorry for the blurry last image....they all came out like that but I wanted to show you how long it was!

The dress is in a fine silk and I matched it with a simple Zara leather jacket.

And how was Sushi Samba?????

 Sushi Samba was so cold I had to leave my jacket on all evening. They also didn't bring our drinks until 5 minutes after the food had arrived.

 As for the food - I was so disappointed.  I inquired about the Moqueca Mista and asked if it came with sauce or not - and the waitress didn't seem to understand me.  It turns out that this sharing plate is in fact pints of sickly sweet sauce and with just one prawn and some scarce scatterings of mussels There's also overcooked bright green rice in the middle.  I know I'm spoiled having my other half who is a chef, however, I think anybody would have returned this dish.  I complained about it and the waitress didn't understand, smiled and waltzed off.

We ended up spending a fortune there and didn't enjoy unfortunately, despite it being an anniversary celebration....oh well....... maybe I'll have better luck next time

Fiocco xxxxxx