Thursday, 27 February 2014

Muji Acrylic makeup storage for small spaces

All through my life, I've been driving people insane with my makeup and hair products sprawling every where.  I just have too much of it, and it is all indispensable.  It is absolutely out of the question of me chucking anything out if it is still in date.  You just never know!!

Much recently, I've just moved house and I no longer have shelves in my bathroom which I would use to load to the brim.  In fact, there's barely any storage at all for anything.  This is why I was forced to contain all my beauty objects to my tiny bedside table!

The solution: Muji Acrylic Makeup boxes:

I have: two x 2 muji acrylic drawers with flip top lid (rrp £11.50 each)

I stack my muji acrylic boxes to make the most of limited space

I love how simple they are, and I know they are a little prices for storage boxes, but compared to how much I spend on the makeup in then  then maybe I can excuse it haha!

I love that you can see exactly what you have inside and organize the drawers to suit your needs.  It also made the most of the very teeny tiny space that I have available for such products!

Do you guys have any MUJI storage? Let me know what your favorite piece is!

Available from Muji stores throughout the UK or

Love Fiocco Bianco

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Perfect Valentine's Day

I'm a huge romantic and love everything to do with Valentine's day as it's a chance to feel special and make your other half feel special! (And even if you're single it's a great chance to eat chocolate.

Here is my wish list / gift ideas to make the perfect Valentine's day.

RRP £26.00

What better than a heart shaped box of chocolates, made of actual chocolate! And non other than Hotel Chocolat which melts in your mouth with its silky texture.  I think both boys & girls would be ecstatic to open this

RRP £75.00

I'm in love with really delicate rose gold jewellery, as it compliments so many outfits.  This bracelet by Dower & Hall would make the perfect Valentine's gift; it's affordable and a beautiful token of love which can be worn every day.
Entertainment: Wolf Of Wall Street
RRP £7-12
If you're not into the whole romantic dinner thing hten why not go to the flicks.  I'm absolutely dying to see this - and I think its a film that  both 'him & her' would enjoy.  It's not too chick-flicky (but it DOES have Leo) and I think the guys would like the story line too.  

RRP £7.00- £30.00

I love the quality of Victoria's's beautiful for both every day and special occasions (Valentine's Day) so why not treat yourself both to a pretty in pink set of VS SS14 undies!  We can kid ourselves that we look like the angels below right!?

Romantic Getaway Essentials - Femfresh

Are you going for a Romantic weekend away to a London hotel or even Paris?  Make sure you're as fresh as can be whilst your on the go with some of these life-saving Femfresh products.

  I'm packing these handy pocket wipes (£1.59) for in your handbag (and who knows what the french public toilets are like!?)  I love these for on the go for that feeling of freshness.

  This cleansing and soothing triple action wash (much more delicate for your intimate areas than the harsh 2in1 cheap shower gel the hotel provides (£3.49).  And lastly this feminine freshness deodorant (£2.49)... lets just say to keep you fresh & confident on the go!

(All available from Boots, Superdrugs and chemists nationwide)

I hope you like my ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day!! Let me know what you get up to or what's on your gift list!  I can't wait for tomorrow and going to try and tick off everything on my list! Hello Leonardo DiCaprio!!!

Fiocco Bianco xxxxx

*Femfresh sent for consideration

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentine's Smooth Legs - the best of Nair

Hello Ladies, 

Valentine's is upon us so it's probably the time to make some special effort and have silky smooth legs!  Given my shopping habit, it usually means I don't have too much money left over for things like going to the beautician's.  Instead, I tend to do these sorts of treatments at home as its a great way of saving money as well as getting great results.

There's two at home treatments that I've been swearing by recently: Nair's Brazilian Spa Clay which is a cream that dissolves all the hair (with ZERO pain) and Nair Easy Wax Microwave. I've written a little compare and contrast so if you're thinking of trying at home hair removal you can see which one is right for you. 

Nair Brazillian Spa Clay shower power cream £6.99

This is fantastic for beginners as you need no skill at all, and it removals all the hair in a matter of minutes with zero pain.

EASY PAIN-FREE APPLICATION - All you need to do is squeeze the clay onto your legs and smooth it on with the spatula provided.  After 5-10 minutes hop into the shower and scrape it of with the spatula.  It doesn't hurt at all and provides fantastic even results.

I would absolute recommend this to anybody and DEFINITELY beginners.

Pro: The results last longer than shaving, pain free, easy, fast, cheap, time saver - done at home before hopping in the shower

Cons: Doesn't as long as waxing, clay gets all over shower

Nair Easy Wax Microwave £10.99

Ok, so obviously this is going to hurt more than the Nair Brazilian clay which is pain free.  However, if you can tolerate the pain of getting waxed at a beauticians you can tolerate this! (TIP you have to be decisive, count to three and just do it.

The pros:

Lasts over two weeks
Salon quality wax for a fraction of the price (can do full leg and bikini for £10.99)
Easy application - No need for wax strips - just heat in the microwave and smooth on and pull off
Time saver - can be done at home whenever
Washes off as soluble preventing messy clean ups

The Con's

Element of pain!  But no more than at a salon


Either of these are a great way of getting silky smooth legs, when you want without being dictated by having an appointment time.  They both are much more cost effective than going to a salon and both achieve great results.

If you want longer lasting hair removal and don't mind the pain - go for Nair Easy Wax Microwave
If you want a painfree solution that lasts longer than shaving (though less than waxing) I would recommend Nairs Brazilian Clay.

Oh and as an additional note - they do a cheeky Nair cream glide-on specifically designed for the underarms and bikini - how cute is this!? (Only £4.92 at boots!)

Nair Easy Wax Microwave RRP £10.99 available here  or from Boots, Superdrug or Asda Nationwide.

Nair Brazillian Clay shower power Cream RRP £6.99 available here  or from Boots, Superdrug or Asda Nationwide.

*Products sent for consideration and review

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Getting a sleek plait with Denman

Morning my Beauties!

In order for your hair to look good, its important to look after it with not just the right products but the right tools.  It's a shame it only took me 25 years to figure out!

Why would you want a sleek plait?

Easy - to avoid heat styling.  Even with hair protector, it really does ultimately damage the ends of the hair so where possible, if you can, natural is best.  I know, I know - natural is a painful word. It conjures images of  'out of control' and 'frizz' but that needn't be the case.

 I love wearing a sleek plait as its completely natural, giving my hair time to recover from the straightening during the week, as well as keeping it out of the way, under control and ultimately looking good. 

The Tools of the Trade - 

Achieving a sleek plait
  • After washing your hair and detangling it gently blow dry your hair running your fingers through it to remove larger knots.
  • When dry use the Denman porcupine brush with the nylon quill to remove all smaller knots.  This brush is fantastic for thicker hair given its paddle shape and plastic needles which effortlessly pass through the hair while the bristles add shine.
  • Next using the Denman boar bristle brush which is designed to add shine gently go over your hair again and sweep it to the side with this brush, gently sweeping any stray hairs together.
  • Then, gently plait from your chin length down to the ends.
  • To fiinsih, brush your fringe with the boar brush to add shine and sweep it behind your ears. 

These two Denman brushes are a fantastic duo for detangling and for adding shine to your hair giving a great sleek look to your 'do'.  I love having them in my collection and I'm sure they'll last as long as some of my other denman brushes which I've had over 10 years!

I hope you guys found it helpful, let me know if you have tried any of them out before!!

Brushes available from and from Boots, Superdrug, Asda & John Lewis

*Products sent for consideration and review

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Super shiny sleek hair with Label M Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil

Good Afternoon my ladies, 
This week I've been using Label M Therapy Age-defying radiance oil, and all I can do is state from the outset is that I give 5/5 stars! 
Stronger hair or shinier hair?
Both!! I have been heat damaging my hair a lot recently as I had ran out of hair protector (such a sin!) so my hair had been really fragile, delicate and lifeless. This ultra nourishing oil really brought life and vitality back to my dry hair and did so without making it greasy.  It no longer felt brittle, but actually felt healthy and fairly strong.  
 Best of all it left it with incredible shine which you can see in the pictures.  (There's a bit of an overload of pictures, but I wanted to show how shiny it came out)

What's Label M Therapy Age defying radiance Oil  like compared to other oils?

I've used many oils before, but this Therapy Age defying radiance oil seemed to de-tangle, strengthen and restore my hair as well as making it shiny and sleek.  Other oils  have just made my hair greasy, and others have managed to make it shiner, but this REALLY is the only one which makes it feel healthier and restored as well.  I think it's down to the age-defence technology as this product really focuses on restoring your hair back to life.

Add caption
I can say with my whole heart I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Label M oil, and I feel like its helping to restore my hair as well as making it sleek and shiny.  It costs £25.50 but I would say it is definitely worth the buck - especially if you have long / damaged hair that needs some good tlc.  Also, you only need a few drops so I reckon this product could easily last a year.
Super sleek hair with Label M Therapy Age-defying radiance Oil
Label M Therapy Age defying radiance Oil is available (here) from Look Fantastic and is an absolute must-have for girls looking for a product to look after their hair!

*product sent for consideration and review