Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Perfect Valentine's Day

I'm a huge romantic and love everything to do with Valentine's day as it's a chance to feel special and make your other half feel special! (And even if you're single it's a great chance to eat chocolate.

Here is my wish list / gift ideas to make the perfect Valentine's day.

RRP £26.00

What better than a heart shaped box of chocolates, made of actual chocolate! And non other than Hotel Chocolat which melts in your mouth with its silky texture.  I think both boys & girls would be ecstatic to open this

RRP £75.00

I'm in love with really delicate rose gold jewellery, as it compliments so many outfits.  This bracelet by Dower & Hall would make the perfect Valentine's gift; it's affordable and a beautiful token of love which can be worn every day.
Entertainment: Wolf Of Wall Street
RRP £7-12
If you're not into the whole romantic dinner thing hten why not go to the flicks.  I'm absolutely dying to see this - and I think its a film that  both 'him & her' would enjoy.  It's not too chick-flicky (but it DOES have Leo) and I think the guys would like the story line too.  

RRP £7.00- £30.00

I love the quality of Victoria's's beautiful for both every day and special occasions (Valentine's Day) so why not treat yourself both to a pretty in pink set of VS SS14 undies!  We can kid ourselves that we look like the angels below right!?

Romantic Getaway Essentials - Femfresh

Are you going for a Romantic weekend away to a London hotel or even Paris?  Make sure you're as fresh as can be whilst your on the go with some of these life-saving Femfresh products.

  I'm packing these handy pocket wipes (£1.59) for in your handbag (and who knows what the french public toilets are like!?)  I love these for on the go for that feeling of freshness.

  This cleansing and soothing triple action wash (much more delicate for your intimate areas than the harsh 2in1 cheap shower gel the hotel provides (£3.49).  And lastly this feminine freshness deodorant (£2.49)... lets just say to keep you fresh & confident on the go!

(All available from Boots, Superdrugs and chemists nationwide)

I hope you like my ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day!! Let me know what you get up to or what's on your gift list!  I can't wait for tomorrow and going to try and tick off everything on my list! Hello Leonardo DiCaprio!!!

Fiocco Bianco xxxxx

*Femfresh sent for consideration

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