Thursday, 27 February 2014

Muji Acrylic makeup storage for small spaces

All through my life, I've been driving people insane with my makeup and hair products sprawling every where.  I just have too much of it, and it is all indispensable.  It is absolutely out of the question of me chucking anything out if it is still in date.  You just never know!!

Much recently, I've just moved house and I no longer have shelves in my bathroom which I would use to load to the brim.  In fact, there's barely any storage at all for anything.  This is why I was forced to contain all my beauty objects to my tiny bedside table!

The solution: Muji Acrylic Makeup boxes:

I have: two x 2 muji acrylic drawers with flip top lid (rrp £11.50 each)

I stack my muji acrylic boxes to make the most of limited space

I love how simple they are, and I know they are a little prices for storage boxes, but compared to how much I spend on the makeup in then  then maybe I can excuse it haha!

I love that you can see exactly what you have inside and organize the drawers to suit your needs.  It also made the most of the very teeny tiny space that I have available for such products!

Do you guys have any MUJI storage? Let me know what your favorite piece is!

Available from Muji stores throughout the UK or

Love Fiocco Bianco

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