Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentine's Smooth Legs - the best of Nair

Hello Ladies, 

Valentine's is upon us so it's probably the time to make some special effort and have silky smooth legs!  Given my shopping habit, it usually means I don't have too much money left over for things like going to the beautician's.  Instead, I tend to do these sorts of treatments at home as its a great way of saving money as well as getting great results.

There's two at home treatments that I've been swearing by recently: Nair's Brazilian Spa Clay which is a cream that dissolves all the hair (with ZERO pain) and Nair Easy Wax Microwave. I've written a little compare and contrast so if you're thinking of trying at home hair removal you can see which one is right for you. 

Nair Brazillian Spa Clay shower power cream £6.99

This is fantastic for beginners as you need no skill at all, and it removals all the hair in a matter of minutes with zero pain.

EASY PAIN-FREE APPLICATION - All you need to do is squeeze the clay onto your legs and smooth it on with the spatula provided.  After 5-10 minutes hop into the shower and scrape it of with the spatula.  It doesn't hurt at all and provides fantastic even results.

I would absolute recommend this to anybody and DEFINITELY beginners.

Pro: The results last longer than shaving, pain free, easy, fast, cheap, time saver - done at home before hopping in the shower

Cons: Doesn't as long as waxing, clay gets all over shower

Nair Easy Wax Microwave £10.99

Ok, so obviously this is going to hurt more than the Nair Brazilian clay which is pain free.  However, if you can tolerate the pain of getting waxed at a beauticians you can tolerate this! (TIP you have to be decisive, count to three and just do it.

The pros:

Lasts over two weeks
Salon quality wax for a fraction of the price (can do full leg and bikini for £10.99)
Easy application - No need for wax strips - just heat in the microwave and smooth on and pull off
Time saver - can be done at home whenever
Washes off as soluble preventing messy clean ups

The Con's

Element of pain!  But no more than at a salon


Either of these are a great way of getting silky smooth legs, when you want without being dictated by having an appointment time.  They both are much more cost effective than going to a salon and both achieve great results.

If you want longer lasting hair removal and don't mind the pain - go for Nair Easy Wax Microwave
If you want a painfree solution that lasts longer than shaving (though less than waxing) I would recommend Nairs Brazilian Clay.

Oh and as an additional note - they do a cheeky Nair cream glide-on specifically designed for the underarms and bikini - how cute is this!? (Only £4.92 at boots!)

Nair Easy Wax Microwave RRP £10.99 available here  or from Boots, Superdrug or Asda Nationwide.

Nair Brazillian Clay shower power Cream RRP £6.99 available here  or from Boots, Superdrug or Asda Nationwide.

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