Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Addison Lee - Watch out! They will charge you double

I hate being swindled, and I have been well and truly swindled by Addison Lee London taxi company.

I try not to be prejudiced against any company, but I feel like it is my duty to innocent people not to create an account with Addison Lee.

I will not tire you with the minor details, but after calling Addison Lee to book a taxi, I was told I would receive a 20% discount for my journey.  Then we come to the end of the month - and this is where they swindled me.  For 2 journeys which were meant to cost £44.40 (without the mentioned 20% discount) - they charged me a whopping £95.00.  That's DOUBLE what I had been quoted on the phone.

I rang customer services immediately obviously believing there had been a big mistake.  I was told "the price can be more than what was quoted on the phone". That was almost amusing had it not just cost me a load of money.

They refunded me a flimsy £15.00 with no apology and no mention of what the mistake was.  I am therefore still about £35.00 out of pocket.  Apparently, the extra £35.00 they added onto my bill was VAT and admin charges.

So my readers, do not be fooled by saved money when offered 20% discount by creating an account.  For me, they direct debited almost double what I was quoted on the phone.  I have no idea how they can get away with such disgusting behavior, but I sincerely hope that Watchdog get onto them soon and to start investigating.

In the meantime, why not use a smaller local company than this big money grabbing company with ho sense of customer service.

I can assure all of you that I will be closing my account as soon as this is sorted (though by the looks of it, they will continue to insist that I pay for their scandalous behavior) and will make sure that I will tell anyone half interested to stay away.

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