Tuesday, 8 April 2014

label. m texturising volume spray

It's really hard if you've got extra long hair like me to get some bounce and volume into it as the sheer length of it weighs it down.  If I straighten my hair, then it's lack of volume becomes accentuated even more....and if I don't straighten it then it's a frizz bomb!

But there is something you can do.  I'll show you how you can add volume to long 'lifeless hair' through spraying it through with label. m's Texturising Volume spray.

First up the before photo:

This is straightened hair with no product in it except for heat protector:
(Lank, long and really lifeless)

After photo with label. m texturing volume spray:

That was a bit of a picture overload but I'm sure you guys can see the incredible difference after I used label. m's tuxturising volume spray.  My hair has gone from being really lank to volumized and with moment.  I love how the spary comes out as a dry mist which instantly refreshes as well as holding the hairs shape.

It also has dry shampoo so it works great on slightly greasy hair too by cleaning it and by adding movement. It works extra well with a little back combing done to the hair too as it will add to the hair's texture.

label. m texturising volume spray
 I was really very impressed by this spray and would recommend it to girls who need more lift and movement in their hair.  I think it would also work really well as a daily hair spray as it volumizes and has none of that sticky feel, in fact it has more of a dry shampoo feel!

 You can get label. m Texturising Volume Spray from (here) online for £12.50.

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