Monday, 6 February 2017

OH gosh Summer's coming - time for the Summer body salad plan

Hey Guys!

Wow - I am finally back after what seems like a 6 months haitus.  Being a freelance beauty professional has really been taking up a lot of my time recently, so much so I haven't even had time for my lovely blog!  

Not just that, I haven't been eating right, I've been working long hours and rewarding myself with chocolate pastries each morning and 2 cappuccinos.  It's really easy to think that you can make yourself feel better with chocolate and treats, but the reality is it only lasts for the moment that your eating it and then after  you see the unkind results!

So now - in a determination to get ready for Summer it is time for a healthy eating kick.  No no that doesnt mean any kind of diet, just really trying to cut out all those croissants for breakfast with fruit, and trying to incorporate more salads into the meals.

beetroot salad with pecorino con gusto style

Con Gusto style burrata with peppers
Burrata with roasted peppers - Con Gusto style

Healthy beetroot salad
These are two of my favorite salads - the first one is beetroot salad with pea shoots and smoked pecorino.  It is the simplest salad ever and makes a great change to a boring iceberg lettuce and tomato salad (which incidentally is being to restricted to just three per person in the shops due to a poor harvest).  The flavour bursts in this healthy salad and is great topped with some maldon salt and a little drizzle of expensive extra virgin olive oil.

Burrata with roasted peppers

Another favourite salad I have been making is buratta ( a creamy Italian cheese from Puglia) with mixed roasted peppers on some toasted bread with taggiasca olives.  It feels richly indulgent without feeling  like a salad.  I think cutting down on meat is really important as it is so easy to eat it twice a day.  When in fact just eating a few more veggie salads like this are way more exciting, great for the body in the run up to summer and taste delicious.

As for the gym membership which hasn't been used for 4 months  (eeek!) I will give you an update as soon as I get back in the swing haha!  We can't perfect eh??

In the meantime I hope you enjoyed these yummy veggy salad dishes


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