Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Moschino Bikini in Sorrento

Hello my lovlies!

As you might know I was away in Italy for a lot of last month.  My other half and I drove down from Cattolica all the way to Sorrento.

I really don't know I have ever been anywhere so beautiful in my life.  Crystal blue waters and mount Vesuvius in the backdrop!  These pictures were taken from Cala di Puolo - a lovely cover just a few minutes drive from Sorrento.  There was barely anyone there and the view was just breathtaking.

Moschino polka dot bikini from Zalando

I treated myself to a pretty Moschino polka dot bikini from Zalando  I loved the bandeaux style as I find it more flattering than triangle bikinis and I love the little halter neck tie as well.  Its priced at £135 but I think it's well worth the money as I really felt extra special in it.

It's a fun design but at the same time elegant enough for Sorrento! (My bright pink and yellow ones seemed a bit brash for this holiday haha!)  It has an almost silky touch and is made of an almost satin like material on the outside which makes a difference to most swimwear.  I love that that this gave a silky shimmer to the cream shade and added a touch of quality.

Have you guys every been to Sorrento?  Did you enjoy it?? I'll be posting a few more pictures from my trip there over the next few days - I'm sure I'll convince you all to go!

Fiocco xxxx

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