Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Nouveau Lashes with Ultra Bond Strip

There's something about Summer and super long lashes.  I think it's because as we get a natural warmer tan, less face makeup is needed, but it's still great to glam up by focusing on the eyes.  I've been using Nouveau Lashes to feel great this summer.  

They have a beautiful natural look as you can see in the photo below, and are long enough to cover the entire lash line.  They also don't scratch at all like other brands, I think because it has such a light and flexible strip, unlike the more rigid ones out on the market.

To help it to stay in place, a god send is Ultra Bond Strip, this doesn't dry out after multiple uses and the best things is at a whopping 10g, it has enough for many (hundreds?!) of applications.  This means you can keep reapplying your lashes and you know you'll have enough, fresh bonding glue. The glue also keeps the lashes in place without them lifting up in the corners.

I also personally found that the Ultra Bond Strip  is very sensitive and doesn't cause irritation which is perhaps the number one thing I look for in a lash glue.

Why don't you have a try?

Ultra bond and nouveau available from:

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