Thursday, 18 June 2015

Review of Nimb Hotel - Copenhagen

I travel regularly to Copenhagen in Denmark regularly, and over Christmas I was lucky enough to stay in Nimb hotel. ( 

Nimb hotel is located right next to the amazing theme park Tivoli, and exudes a lot of Tivoli's fun and warmth in its creation and design as well as a mix of strong Nordic influence.

Location wise, there's nothing better, you are right in front of the train station and there is a fantastic patisserie bar located right on the side.  You are also just a stone's through away from the shopping centre which has an amazing collection of shops which you can't find in the UK.  One of my favourite's being BIKBOK!

If you stay there, be sure to pop into the theme park Tivoli - it is like a magical garden with so much to see, from rides, to stalls to fabulous gardens.  It is perfect for the whole family and will leave you mesmerised.

The room was super comfortable, I absolutely loved the fabulous view over Tivoli as well as the comfortable bed.  A stay here is extra special and worth it for special occasions.  As you can see, even the reception exudes quality and style.  The whole stay, from the moment you walk in makes you feel special!

 Be sure to pop into the patisserie shop next door and try real Danish pastries!  They are so much better when they are authentically made and the cream inside them is absolutely moreish!

I love how Nimb hotel has a personalised bicycle in the reception.  Everywhere in Copenhagen, everyone goes by bike!  It is so strange but refreshing to not have the streets full of cars, but instead rows and rows of bicycles.

I absolutely would recommend Nimb hotel and a stay in Copenhagen for the chance to really explore and enjoy the magic of the city!

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