Thursday, 5 May 2016

A Weekend in Venice

Last weekend I was back in Italy and we went for a road trip to one of my favourite places in the world - Venice! Staying for the weekend was marvelous, though the April weather was hit and miss.

The best way to reach Venice isn't by car as there are no roads there, but by catching a ferry across to the main island.  I think this is the perfect way to begin a trip in Venice as you can see it from afar and really creates that romantic ambiance.  It also only costs £15 and is just a 20 minute trip taking you to the heart of the city.

Part of the experience for me (apart from the gorgeous shops of Murano glass) are the stunning bridges and walk ways across the canales.  There are so many side streets like this one where there are no tourists and you get to see a real part of Venice where people live and work.  I was lucky enough in the photo below to find a sunny 5 minutes as soon the heavens opened!
 I love my cheeky dark blue silk shirt with a bow collar - I wore it with jeans and a half-length cream lambskin leather jacket.
There is constant water traffic along the main canals - there is really so much life and vibrancy. Apart from exploring the side alleys, we went for an Apperativo in St Marks Square.  Apperativo is an original classic from the region of Venice, so they know how to do it properly!

A fabulous weekend and I can't wait to go back xxx

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