Monday, 20 June 2016

Moschino Milano beach wear

Hello my lovelies!

Did I tell you I went to Barcelona last week!?

Things have been hectic the last few weeks travelwise as I have been to Italy, Spain and off to Denmark in a couple of weeks too!

Because of all these summer trips, I treated myself to some goodies from my favourite brand.  No these aren't press samples (I wish haha!) - I actually chose my towel to match my bikini.  A new low, or a new level of cool.  I think somewhere between!

I am soooo in love with the fuschia and yellow mix.  Actually, the bikini has a deep blue and lime green tie on the back which breaks it up a little.  Here is a link to the yellow Moschino bikini and it is actually now on sale too!  Not the most flattering of pictures below but this is the one which has the towel in it too.

Actually, the towel deserves a blog post to itself too! It is exttra large and so so thick. It looks great in reverse too witch fuschia pink as the dominant colour and with moschino in yellow. Here is a link to the moschino yellow beach towel,  as who else wants to match their bikini and towel haha!  It's a shame as these are from two different online retailers - I chose them in the shop so could tell they actually matched and went together.  I feel a tiny bit guilty for this splurge but I think it was totally worth it.  These ridiculous things make me happy!

I will try and find more snaps of this great Beach OOTD!


Lots of love, Fiocco xx

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