Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rubber speed boat in Italy along the riviera

Good Morning!

I thought I'd share my favourite moment from my holiday in Italy - renting out a rubber speed boat to explore the Italian Riviera!

I made sure I perched on the front to enjoy all the fabulous views whilst sunbathing, leaving the steering to the others.  Tempt ing as being in control was, I didn't want to risk every one (phones and all) going overboard!

Renting one of these boats is a great way to explore more of the country your visiting, whilst having a whale of a time. 

My Top Tips:

  •  I tried to look the part by wearing my favourite Moschino bikini :P
  • Wear sun protection with a higher protection than normal - the sea reflects the light and there is no shade so watch out!
  • Take water - no where to buy it from
  • A waterproof Go-Pro is a must have for fantastic underwater shots without worrying about getting splashed

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