Friday, 20 December 2013

Gift ideas for HER featuring Victoria's Secret

Any of you guys out there struggling to get that special girl in your life something special??  Or maybe you just have a close relationship with your girl friends and want to get them something they'll love this Christmas? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to some Victoria's Secret's treasures

Here are a couple of simple gift ideas for her which are absolutely fool proof and come from Victoria's Secret.

Victoria's Secret, known for their beautiful Angels has quality behind all the marketing.  The briefs are well made and fit beautifully making them well worth the extra few pounds.

Victoria's Secret Gift Ideas for Her
Victoria's Secret Wonder Wish Sheer Love

VIctoria's Secret Dark Blue Lace Briefs

I fell in love with these Victoria Secret dark lace full briefs - sexy but subtle and so comfortable!  It is so worth having that special pair of underwear that fits so well but makes you look like the goddess you are!

Next up, is the Wonder Wish gift set complete with fragrance, body moisturizer and shower gel.  The fragrance is to die for, and it's even started to replace my normal perfumes.  The same goes for the body moisturizer and shower gel.  It says it's white cotton flavor, but to me it's more like melon, really sweet and moreish!

All of these items are available on line at or from any of their branches!

And if you're not getting it for somebody else, it's a great treat to yourself!!!

Kisses Fiocco Bianco xxx

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