Friday, 17 January 2014

YSL Contouring

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For special occasions I go that extra mile and go for a bit of contouring!! It does add another couple of steps to your makeup routine, so its not for every day.....unless your Kim Kardashian and contouring comes as naturally as eating breakfast.

I use YSL products when achieving contouring as I believe they have the best quality products for blending and setting on the skin as well as an amazing range of colours.

See my tutorial below for contouring:  

Contouring with YSL

1.) Prime your face with a mattifying primer
2.)  Apply YSL touche eclat (link) in a shade two shades lighter to your upper cheek bone and a shade 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone just below.  It will look a bit like war paint.  (if you have any spots or uneven skin tone, apply a touche eclat in the same shade as your skin.)
3.) Gently blend them in a little, not completely.
4.) Smooth over your foundation.  This will cover the stripes but it will still shine though giving the impression of razor sharp cheek bones.  I use YSL Le Teint Touche Eclait in B50 (link).
5) I then soften and set the look with some YSL Powder compact radiance (link)

That's how I achieve the look!!

Hope you like my contouring tips with YSL!

Lots of love,

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