Friday, 3 January 2014

Eye of Horus Mascara Black Goddess Review

Morning my beauties!

I've had the pleasure of trying out a brand which I've been dying to use for a good few months called "Eye of Horus."  Ever since I got into makeup, I have always been inspired by Egyptian makeup with porcelain skin and exotic black eyes with thick liner.  This brand encompasses this philosophy.  

Below you can find how I got on with their Black Goddess Mascara!

Cute gift bag the mascara comes in

Box the Black Goddess Mascara comes in

Love the design of this Eye of Horus Mascara

 Black Goddess Mascara Review:

Formula - 10/10
Formulated in the style of the Ancient Egyptians, the Eye of Horus Black Goddess Mascara is made from natural waxes and Moringa oil and is completely paraben free.  These natural bases stop it clumping and smudging.

This is absolute gold dust to me, as lots of mascaras now are made with silicone and plastics which are terrible for sensitive eyes.  I found, however, with the natural ingredients in the Eye of Horus formula that it was just right for my fairly delicate eyes.  (I've found with other mascaras that my eyes begin to water and cause my mascara to run, but not with this one!)

Blackness - 9/10

This black is extremely black and one of the darkest I have tried.  However, I have still found blacker by Benefit...but only slightly.

Black Goddess Mascara - Super fine bristles to separate the lashes

Wand 9/10 

  The black is super dark and doesn't crumble.  The wand has lots of tiny bristles which separate the lashes as well as encasing each and everyone one of them with mascara.  This style of wand really stops clumping which which works beautifully with the Moringa oil in the formula helping it to glide on beautifully

Only downside - The the lashes become long and separated, I prefer a bit more volume which is achieved with the thicker bristled wands.

Packaging 10/10


I know it shouldn't be important but it is.  I love the unusual shaped mascara tube and I love the golden font and eye of horus design on the tube which really makes you feel like a goddess!

Over all, I would definitely recommend this black goddess mascara.  Especially if you have sensitive eyes and you want to try a paraben free mascara using a natural and ancient recipe as it has been specifically designed with that in mind.

Additionally, it comes out very black and has a great wand for separating lashes.

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  1. Aw no photo of it on your lashes? :(

  2. Sorry!! I wasn't having a photogenic day and was repulsed by the pictures lol!! xxxx