Monday, 13 January 2014

Tutorial: Wavy Hair with GHD's V Classic Styler

Hey Ladies!!

For special occasions I tend to pull out the 'wavy hair' look.  But, it wasn't always so easy discovering how to do it.

For big bouncy curls, I would reccommend curling tongs, whereas for a relaxed, wavy hair look, I've come up with the following tutorial using GHD's V Classic Styler as I think it looks a little more natural whilst adding volume to your hair.


1.) After washing and rough trying you hair, pin up the top 3/4 of your hair with a hair band roughly where your ears are.
2.) Comb it and spray on a heat protector.  I like BB Spray de Mode (link) as it protects the hair against heat whilst acting as a hair spray to hold the wave in your hair once styled.
3.) Turn on your GHDs and wait for them to fully heat. (Best when even the outter plastic is hot too).  I would recommend *these* as my GHD V classic styler has lasted 3 years and they've been working perfectly to this day.  They are reliable and reach the heat needed  as well as creating lovely round waves because of the barrel shape.  They are also currently £20 discounted.
4.) Taking 1 inch strands of hair, run the straighteners down your hair shaft in a downwards fashion.
5.)Take the hair strand again and when you run down to half wait pause and twist the GHDs 90 degrees so your straighteners are now twisting your hair in a different direction.  Slowly pull the GHDs down at this angle.
6.) This should create a slight wave.  If it is not wavy enough do it again.
7.) When happy with your wave spray it with hair spray and move to the next one.
8) When the first quarter of your hair is done unclip the next quarter and keep doing so until finished.
9) When done run your fingers through your hair to make it look more natural.

And that's it!  Hope this helped!

Let me know if it works for u!

Love fiocco bianco xxx

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