Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A super late review of the November Birchbox

Hey my lovely ladies, 

So here's my first ever Birchbox and it's from November.... it's been super busy as I was in Denmark for a lot of November, but I've had a whole month to enjoy these delicious products!

I'm going to go through them one by one by order of preference.  The lifestyle chocolate bar that came with it was lifted out of the box by my sister as soon as I opened it so I would love to tell you how it was or what it was but I didn't get to try it!

The theme of the box was 'cosy at home' so they were a nice selection for pampering yourself and for relaxing at home.  On first impressions I was glad that there two full sized products - the OPI and the DR Jart so I feel I definitely received value for money! 

Ok - so here's my absolute favourite from the box - it's Dr. Jart+ 's V7 Cleansing Foam.  It was full sized and dream to use.

I have fairly delicate oily skin and it suits me perfectly.  A little goes a long way and lathers so much that you don't need much at all.

The smell is delicious, fruity and delicate and really does have a high-end skin care feel to it.  I think it retails at £15.00 and Boots used to stock it, but if you would like to try you can buy it from the Birchbox online store.

Next up are these two min tubs of Beauty protector.  It's a hair mask and at first I thought that there would not be enough for my extra long dry hair.  I was pleasantly suprised and only needed half a tub on each application.  

After washing my hair I ran this product through the ends and left it to dry naturally.  My hair felt much more nourished and genuinely much less dry.  I would give it 9/10 as it did wonders on my hair and smelt great.  It was one point of 10/10 because if you used too much it could feel greasy - especially on more healthy hair!  It has Argan oil and honey in it so these beautiful duo make it into a fabulous mask and one worth buying.

It is available from the Birchbox website here  and I would love to try out some more from their range.

 Next comes the mini Jane Iredale Just Kissed lip plumper in Rio.  This has a tingling sensation which could be quite strange if you weren't used to lip plumpers and a mint and ginger scent to it.

The colour is matt berry - I really quite look it when rocking the Winter Chic look.  If this was full sized I would have enjoyed it more but it is so small I keep loosing it.

It is available from Birchbox or from the Jane Iredale website.

 Oh OPI - how you disappointed me.  I was so looking forward to receiving the Coca Cola red which was available in the November Birchbox and I got the tacky Turn on the Haute Light silver.  I can see where they were going with this with the whole Christmas razzle dazzle, but I tried it on and looked like a 12 year old.

Yes the coverage was good and the consistency up to the OPI standard, but come on, this is a ridiculous colour that maybe, just maybe you can get away with only at a Christmas 'do'.....and even then not be taken seriously.  I will probably end up giving this to one of my young teenage cousins.

Lastly is the Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body oil.  I feel nothing against this product but something has got to come last, and despite the terrible silver tone of the OPI nail varnish....I feel it is a bit against the beauty gospel to put OPI last.

This body oil has a nice scent and moisturises nicely.  However, I don't really use body moisturisers so this wouldn't play an essential part in my skin care routine.

And so that's it.  I was very happy with my first ever Birchbox - I am loving the Dr. Jart and although I finished the Beauty Protector hair mask it was very enjoyable while it lasted.

I am looking forward to my next box and I'm hoping for a few more makeup treats in it next time!

Lots of love

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