Thursday, 18 December 2014

Beautiful Christmas Jewelry for Her by Dower & Hall

My absolute favourite British jewelry brand, Dower & Hall have some absolute stunning pieces which would make for perfect extra special Christmas presents for Her.  When it comes to jewelry, I really do believe it is better to have a few important pieces made from precious metals and stones rather than lots of cheaper plastic and tin jewelry.  What I call 'real' jewelry makes you glow when you wear and feel super special and for me really is worth investing in, and makes for a wonderful gift at Christmas time.

If you're struggling to find a special gift for an important girl in your life, then i would recommend this beautiful NOMAD 18 carat gold ring that retails at £495.  I think this is a beautiful statement piece of jewelry which is perfect for any age.  I love the detailing of the hammered gold which clearly marks this ring out as part of Dower & Hall's Nomad collection.  I have a similar bracelet in silver and it's always on my wrist.

Or, if you are looking more for statement earrings, I think these white pearl dew drop earrings are gorgeous.  They retail at £130 so are very affordable and yet still will create that wow factor when opening the box.

The delicate pearl 'dew drops' are so sophisticated and offset the gold beautifully. I really do think the Nomad ring and these stunning earrings would light any girls face up this Christmas.

You can purchase these products online from or from their boutique in Spittalfields London.  They are also stocked in John Lewis and Fenwicks so there's absolutely no excuse to not find these in time for Christmas.

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