Friday, 5 December 2014

Monochrome furniture and accent lights

As a person, I'm fairly minimalist and I really don't like clutter.  I love smooth clean lines and gorgeous featuring accessories which bring out the character of the room.

I recently stayed in a stunning luxury penthouse which was designed in the most beautiful, modern minimalistic Scandinavian style.

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite pieces, as the look is really easy to recreate if you have a simple white room. 

The accessories were mostly black, for example this stunning geometric black light which let the rays through it's gaps.  The black accessories work well in a white room as they create contrast and add character to the otherwise plain space.

The wool low sofas with a low coffee table was a simple but effective way to create a stylish relaxing sitting area if you don't have a designated living room but are working with an open space.

 This is a lamp I have in real life.  It's called a cosy lamp and is absolutely perfect as a bedside table as you can turn the dimmer from really low to really high.  You can create the perfect ambience in you room with this light.

It also fits any style as it is a simple white design which turns golden with the light.  I think it makes for a great Christmas present, as it is genuinely useful and completely inoffensive..

 As you can see, the results of these simple accessories all together is incredible.  The simple monochrome colour scheme keeps everything clean and modern.  However, you you are someone with lots of bits and pieces that you like on show....this probably isn't the best design to follow as the beauty lies in the simplicity of two colours.

Even the flowers matched the colour scheme with this beautiful orchids simple white petals and clean lines.
This chair is super comfy and I want to try and find one for myself.  If anyone knows what it's called let me know!

Lots of love

Fiocco Bianco

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