Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Aspinal of London leather travel wallet in midnight blue lizard and cream suede.

Hello my dears!

As you know from previous posts, I travel a lot!  From the company I work for being based in Denmark, to having family in Italy and a love for holidays anyway, the passport is always out and about!

I don't just travel a lot, I also misplace my passport a lot. .... or boarding passes / care hire information / hotel bookings.  So I thought why not make my life a whole lot easier with something gorgeous and practical - so voila!  I present to you this stunning Aspinal of London  leather travel wallet in midnight blue lizard and cream suede.

This travel wallet as a RRP of £125 and is an extremely luxurious  item that will make travelling so much simpler and so smart.  Agonisingly, there are many gorgeous shades to choose from, close second for me was burgundy saffiano & navy suede.  

As I've been linking to their webpage, I couldn't help browsing and I've also just realised that they do the whole travel set, and if I had known I would probably have gone for it! Oops!  How cute is the pink lizard?  This set has a RRP of £165.00 and I think is absolutely fabulous, and of course totally English!

So, all in all I am absolutely in love with my new passport holder...now all I need is some tickets to put in it!


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