Friday, 30 October 2015

Luxury Travel Destination - Monte Carlo featuring Primark Bikini

The most exclusive location I travelled to this year was Monte Carlo.

It really was like something out of a James Bond move.. not quite Spectre but literally Casino Royale was filmed at the illustrious Monte Carlo Grand Casino.  I'm not going to go into too much detail about that as there are winners and losers at casinos, and I unfortunately fell into the second category!

The views of Monte Carlo are exquisite from above - thousands of super yachts litter the horizon and you can only dream of the luxurious lives they lead.  Either way I was quite happy kicking back on the beach admiring the view and the impressive architecture, palms and enjoying the laid back way of life.

This was definitely a holiday for relaxing, after a very busy year, we somehow managed to fit a week away in in the middle of July.  A lovely time of year to go. The picture below looks a bit hazy, but it was actually crisp blue days every day with a very hot sun...I think I just stopped in the only 5 minutes when it was looking a bit cloudy! Or perhaps that's what it always looks like form high up in the hills.

Here I am at our local beach - I normally have a penchant for Moschino bikinis but being away for a week I needed a another one which wasn't in bandeau style and just before I left I picked up this gorgeous blue and white bikini from Primark for about £3! It won't last for long but I can't argue with its gorgeous colours and perfect design :)

I would definteeeelly recommend a holiday in Monte Carlow if you get the chance - it is just a stones throw from Nice  and is it's very own country!!!

Fiocco Bianco

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