Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I've lost my Dower & Hall Nomad Bracelet :(

 Today is a very sad day -

I've lost my favourite bracelet - a sterling silver nugget Nomad bracelet by British jewelery designer Dower and Hall. I think I may just cry!

I have been travelling a lot and recently had to remove all my jewelry passing security - and I am pretty sure that after removing this gorgeous bracelet it got left in the plastic box where you put your coat - keys - laptop etc.  I always travel with so many things that I am sure this gorgeous little piece of jewelry must have got left in the corner. It was made up of real little silver nuggets and with a heart shape clasp.

What makes it so much worse is that it was a Birthday present from the other half to mark our first year together.

So - in ode to the most gorgeous piece of jewelry a girl can have - I decided to dedicate a post to it as you won't be seeing it again. It served me well as not just a reminder of love (the little heart on the clasp really was so adorable) but also was a beautiful fashion piece.

 Here is the last time I was pictured in it - attending a gala in London.

Make sure you check out Dower & Hall if you haven't - they are perfect for Christmas gifts.

If you're interested in purchasing my beloved bracelet - it is available here :(

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  1. So sorry to hear that you've lost your beloved Nomad bracelet! We really appreciate your love of the brand and the sweet words you said about your favourite piece of jewellery. We've pinged you a direct messages on your Twitter.
    Many thanks, Team D&H x