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Nouveau lashes extravaganza

Hello Sweeties,

I thought I'd do a review on some fabulous products by a brand called nouveau lashes which I discovered last year.  Last year I had tried a range of their lashes and their ultrabond strip, and was super impressed.

When it comes to fake lashes, I am definitely fussy.  I personally like a very natural fake eyelashes in order to pass it off as my own.  Nouveau lashes have an incredible range and I found several pairs which were great for me.  Secondly, their Ultra Bond Strip is essentially a large tube of lash glue.  The pros of this glue and huge for me - 1 it actually keeps the lash attached and in place all day, and 2 it is reusable without drying out.

Below is my review of some of the others gems in their range -

Nouveau Lashes
The whole selection of Nouveau Lashes goodies

So first up is Nouveau Lashes Eye Make-up Remover:

A great discovery - this product does what it says and removes makeup easily and without any oiliness.  Mascara especially comes off a dream and can also be used to prep eyes before adding false lashes.  I haven't yet tried it with waterproof mascara but I guess that is going to be the real test.

 Aesthetically, I love the container in its large chrome bottle - it looks great on my bathroom shelf and looks the real deal.  It also, of course, removes eyelash glue.

RRP £14.99

Nouveau Lashes Conditioning Serum

As a lash freak, I was super excited to try this out.  This product is designed to condition your own natural lashes to help them be fully, longer and more healthy.  It can be worn by itself or under mascara.

I've been using it a few days.  So far I would say that it has a great consistency and doesn't feel tacky at all on the lashes; this mean mascara goes on perfectly after.  Immediately after putting it on, lashes to feel more nourished which I love.  Long term results I haven't been able to see as I'v only been using it for a few days, but I am super excited to continue using it to see what the results are.  I'm hoping healthier lashes equals more numerous and longer lashes!

This product has an RRP of £18.99

Extreme Nouveau Lashes

Nouveau Lashes Glamour - Style 4

I've got to be honest with you - as I said above I only use natural lashes and these are far too over the top for me and I wouldn't wear them.  Nouveau lashes categorises their lashes into Natural, Volume and Glamour - with glamour being the most heavy, dark and long, and natural being the...well lightest!

I am a huge lover of their other styles as they are the perfect length and feel comfortable on the eyes and I have worn them A LOT in the past.  I would personally go for Natural or Volume Style 1 which is more subtle and would enhance natural lashes.  The ones in the picture would be fun for a night out, but probably not best for every day!  These are RRP £6.99

Nouveau Lashes

Nouveau Lashes Ultra Bond Strip Eyelash Adhesive 

Halleluja -  a fabulous product which I would encourage any fake lash wearing girl to buy.  As I mentioned above I have used this a lot in the past. There are numerous great points so I think I'll give a quick list summary:

  •  It has the perfect consistency and goes onto the lashes wells. 
  •  It attaches lashes in place without making a mess.
  • Lashes last hours without coming off in the corners
  • there is zero irritation
  • the glue doesn't dry out after numerous applications but stays fresh.  
  • Great for on the go for touchups or keeping in your bathroom when re-using lashes
  • Allows you to re-use lashes!!
It has an RRP of £12.99 and is well worth splurging on!

Nouveau Lashes Tweezers

*Careful of these little things as they are super sharp*

These are fab for applying lashes with precision without getting glue all over your fingers.  They really make the whole lash applying situation feel very professional when doing it by yourself!  A cheeky extra, but between the Ultra Bond Strip and the tweezers, I would personally
 invest in the Ultra Bond Strip

So there you have it!! Hope you enjoyed my review! I'm super excited that I was lucky to explore so much of the nouveau lashes range!

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*Products sent for review and consideration

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