Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Coloured Dry Shampoo by Ambiance


As you've probably seen I've got quite a lot of wild hair to contend with which makes washing it every other day a bit of a chore.  Dry Shampoo for me is a must as it tends to let me get another days wear out of it by cleaning your hair and adding an oooph of voume!

I've tried quite a few dry shampoos out there, but I recently received this coloured dry shampoo* from Ambiance.  In the past I have actually bought Batiste dry shampoo for Brunette hair, but I didn't see any difference from the regular kind.  This dry shampoo, however, comes in all different shades depending on the hair colour.

As you can see, there's brown powder at the bottom.  This is great for two reasons:
1.) You're not left with that tell tale white/gray tinge to your hair after a dry shampoo
2.) It actually colours your hair, so if you have any roots or gray hairs it will cover it up.

Gently tip the bottle otherwise too much product will fall out.  Blend in with brush or fingers

After trying this dry shampoo, it not only made my hair much cleaner looking but added volume to my limp roots.  But what makes this product really shine is the fact its coloured so it helps with covering roots AND not getting that white tinge. I believe that if hiding gray hairs is a real concern for you this product is an absolute must.  At just £14.99 from Look Fantastic you can't really go wrong with this product.

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