Thursday, 5 September 2013

Scandal eyes retro glam SHOCKING RESULTS


I have what you guys might call a mascara addiction. Class A.  I currently own : 4 Dior Mascaras, Benefit badGAL, Benefit They're real, Lord and Berry Scuba Extreme, Bobbi Brown Everything, No17, Dolls eyes... and yet I STILL bought another mascara.  Rimmel Scandal Eyes retro glam.  But its cheap and the ads everywhere forced me to buy it...?

See below for the SHOCKING RESULTS in the review !
Review: 1/10   10/10
So, I opened it up and immediately hated the wand.  I started applying it and found the huge bush brush far to awkwardly shaped and massive to be able to apply the mascara properly.  The finished result looked great, but already in my head I was planning a viscous little review about it because I was so annoyed about the imprecise brush (little B*%ch aren't I?).

So, this is the interesting part.  I had applied it at 7am, not looked in the mirror all day and got back at midnight.  The MASCARA HAD NOT RUN / SMUDGED OR MOVED A SAUSAGE. So, that was a whole 15 hours and it still looked PERFECT at the end of the day.  I kid you not.  

I no longer care about its stupid wand, I have never ever had a mascara with great staying power like I have with Scandal eyes!  Not only that, it is ridiculously cheap and available in most drug stores.  

Look how long and black they are! Dead impressed!

I would recommend this to ANYBODY.

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