Thursday, 26 September 2013

Batiste Dry Conditioner Review

Morning my lovlies!

I have a real treat in store for you today, as I've discovered no less than a miracle product!  I've always been a Batiste fan as their Dry Shampoo has saved me on a lot of occasions, but now they've brought out a Conditioning Mist.

This product isn't a Dry Shampoo at all, but in fact is a mist that you spray into your hair which is infused with Argan Oil which is to smooth your dry and damaged hair and to help to put moisture back into it. 

The Test:  I thought I would put it to the ultimate test: MY HAIR.  As you lovely readers have seen, my hair is the epitome of dry, damaged and unmanageable. I had washed my hair yesterday and kept it in a messy bun so this morning when I took it out it was an absolute mess. Knotty, dry, curly and just generally terrible.

Before I sprayed, I tried to run my fingers a bit through my hair so the spray would cover more evenly.  It was too knotty so in the end I had to dive right in and just sprayed generous amounts of the Conditioning Mist through my hair.

Results: INSTANTLY smoother hair that was much more manageable and my split ends looked much smoother. I could even run my fingers to run through it.  It seemed as if my hair had honestly just had a conditioning treatment.  I am over the moon with this product - it will be an absolute life saver to all of you with tyrannical locks! If you have perfect silky hair - don't bother.

DO REMEMBER it is not a dry shampoo, so it wont make your greasy hair look fresher, it will just make it smoother and more manageable.  This is why I used it with my industrially sized (and almost empty) Batiste dry shampoo in blush.  This way, I had manageable AND non greasy hair this morning!!!

What do you guys think? Are you tempted to try it out?? xxxxx

Batise Dry Conditioner* RRP 3.99 and Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush 400ml RRP4.99 available from Boots and Superdrug

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