Monday, 16 September 2013

My luxury hair care regime - Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy

Hey Ladies, 

If you have long hair like I do, I believe it is crucial to look after it as best as you can, not only with heat protection but with the right shampoo and conditioner regime.  Every week I make sure I wash my hair with my favorite high end brand - Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy (link here).  During the week I tend to use Tresemme but it doesn't restore my hair's health like Coppola does which infuses Keratin into the hair shaft.

This is an absolute must have for people with dry damaged hair, as normally dry damaged hair is a sign of lost keratin.  These products promote healing and protect from humidity leaving your hair straighter, smoother and easier to blow dry.

I tend to use a small amount of clarifying shampoo, which really makes my hair squeaky clean followed by Keratin care shampoo (I've always been one of those double shampoo kinda girls!)  I then follow with a generous amount of Keratin care conditioner.  It really is a smoothing therapy as my hair feels healthier and softer after a luxurious wash with these products. Lastly, I finish with their 'infusion serum' (link here) which is also keratin infused...I've just finished it buy you can find it here.

I always buy this brand as I feel like it is one of the very few hair care brands that actually restores the health of the hair, not just cleaning it.

Have you guys ever tried any of the Coppola Keratin Complex products?

Let me know! x x xx

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