Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Post Photo Shoot

Hey ladies!

Today I spent the day on shoot with my work.... for those of you that don't know I work for a large American beauty company.  We were shooting our first TV advert for the UK and yours truly is going to be in it! (I was so so so nervous in the days running up to it I hadn't even done any posts!)

Due to copyrighting etc etc I can't show you any takes from the day (but there are a few cheeky ones on my twitter!).  However, this was my makeup from the day and what I wore on the way back - a mixture of nudes and blues. I wanted something casual and comfortable as all day I'd been under hot lights and quite a lot of pressure.

The best part - the makeup.  I was so jealous of the makeup artist and her hundreds upon hundreds of makeup bags! I love the makeup they she did - it was a really natural look focusing on a flawless complexion.  She achieved this with a mixture of three MAC foundations and using an airbrushing machine which sprayed a light mist of foundation all over, I'd never had such a clear complexion!

I hope you liked the post! I look forward as always from hearing from you guys!

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