Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Under Where? Nail Polish by Essie review

I am currently in love by the flirtatious new collection by Essie.  I've always been a long standing supporter of their solid monochromatic colours, but this Autumn, they've outdone themselves with a super fun collection full of lilacs, aqua azures, corals and adorable newbie greens.

Whilst in the Essie store and looking at the hundreds of shades I knew it would have to be from this collection as various bloggers had made me quite jealous.  I went for the lilac polish in a naughtily named 'under where?' as its not a colour I've tried before (available here).

Colour? 10/10 Drop dead gorgeous as purples go.  The lilac has a slightly gray tone to it giving your mani that high fashion edge.  It can be dressed up or down, for fun frivolous colourful outfits or as a sleek formal manicure.  This shade has absolutely wowed me and dare I say it, might be the favorite or my polish collections.

Application? 9/10 If you've ever tried Essie you'll know they've got a great shaped polish brush which is wide and narrow.  This gives  a smoother application than those normal brushes as it glides easily onto the nails leaving little to know streakiness.

Wow Factor? The Essie colour 'under where?' is glorious, but the wow factor for me is the consistency of this polish.  A number of times while applying it I was a little heavy handed and thought I would have to apply another coat to smooth out those areas, but literally as I was contemplating how to fix it, the polish somewhat magically evened out as it set, creating a perfectly smooth base.  I kid you not ladies.  This is some kind of miracle polish!

See 'Under Where?' and the rest of the dazzling Essie collection on their site  (Available here)


  1. Great pictures and nice colour! xxx

  2. Aww thanks the colours so unusual! oops I think you've linked to my blog not yours! xx

  3. Don't see too many pastel lavenders that much, beautiful colour!

  4. Tell me about it!!, i love it because it doesnt look too '15 year old girl' purple...its got a nice gray hue to it! xxxx