Friday, 9 August 2013

Benefit Sugarbomb lipgloss with Dallas Blush

My go-to blush has always been Benefit's Dallas blush.  I love its dark rose hues which are great for contouring with the angular blush it comes with.  Actually, I've been buying these shade since I was 18, and though I've experiemented with other Benefit blushes (as well as numerous other brands) this remains my favorite.

I've matched it with Benefit's Sugarbomb lipgloss, I know they have the Dallas tone in a lipgloss too, but personally, I don't really like my cheeks matching my lips.  Especially because I want dark contoured cheeks, and pink sparkly lips.

Sugarbomb is an absolute delight.  It shimmery with just a very fine glitter so it doesn't look too ott.  It also has a beautiful smell and lasts for hours.  Its my first Benefit lipgloss purchase and was definitely worth it.  It was hard stepping away from Dior and Chanel who are my favorite gloss makers, but Benefit has really gone all out in making a gloss with not only the perfect consistence that doesn't feel too heavy, but also a beautiful range of colours.

Matching it with my new Dower & Hall  silver feather  bracelet

 I've matched with a new sterling silver feather bracelet from Dower and hall which I think goes perfectly with the bling of the top! I would definitely reccomend that you check out their new collections at

What do you think?  A look you'd try?


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